How to heal subconscious trauma from childhood

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How to Achieve Greatness in the Midst of Negativity


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  • Mandydhdjljh Verton

    This is good. Still not sure how to overcome the childhood traumas and how to keep them from carryover to my current life.

  • LovelyPolishPerson

    I need help. I was bullied because I was obese and unattractive. My teacher humiliated me in front of the entire class by telling me to translate “I wish I was handsome” from Polish to English. Every single day I dream of murdering her (but I am not going to!!!).

  • Zahra Awolowo

    I remember as a child my dad being physically and verbally abusive towards my mama and I remember feeling scared. I recall him telling her he was going to murder her and chasing her around their car. Fast forward they both passed away (my dad when I was in the 5th grade and my mom when I was in the 10th grade) … I felt abandoned and was irate about it. As an adult I married my dad and 1-yr later divorced him and relocated with my now 2-yr old son. This realization opened my wounds.

  • Black Face

    I have my own personal experience with trauma. So as we all watch how this R Kelly situation is playing out I thought of his own tremendous trauma as well. This was my response from January 6th 2019:

    Ok so i finally watched (forced myself to) the first & only episode of surviving R. Kelly in order to give my honest, objective opinion. For the sake of not sounding like victim shaming, I will omit the false narratives or agendas that permeated the show. That’ll play itself out im sure. Given my almost 30yr support & deep connection to the music, this has been heavy on many levels which REQUIRE critical thought on a range of topics.

    One of the biggest components I havent heard (for risk of sounding like a defense of some sort I guess) that has gone overlooked is himself being sexually molested from the ages of 7 – 12….SEVEN – TWELVE! In no way shape or form is this excusing pedophilia, sexual abuse, sexual assault, sexual violence or rape. But to exclude that (why) is to be intellectually irresponsible. I figure in that moment when your adolescence is corrupted, your perception of the world around you changes. Unless you know someone or yourself whom has been molested or sexually abused at THAT young age for THAT length of time, its no way you can possibly understand what that will ultimately manifest itself into, & it absolutely will at some point in time; from sexual deviance, promiscuity, homosexuality, sex related addictions, serial rape, serial homicide, social awkwardness, substance abuse, to depression and suicide. Once those behavior(s) project itself onto society, the damage is already done.

    We have seen too many cases, in any demographic or socioeconomic class, to discard that mental & psychological damage to not expect a level of trauma that is cast outward. A severely broken mind can not process logic unless that person undergoes some serious healing/therapy. Couple that with a handicap, fame, access, money & the attention you were robbed of as a child, my God! Now im no clinical psychologist but this is a classic psychology type study. Should Kelly have been in jail under the letter of the law back in the 90s or at the very least in counseling, yes. Morally wrong, sure. But if it takes a village & that village looked the other way or assisted, everyone is complicit. This is a very layered conversation, like an onion, not just surface based like the “he a predator, lock him up” chants which is a one dimensional response. Again this is not a defense of those behaviors.

    We have a lot of work to do in our communities. Start by making sure you good to your kids and do right by them at all cost. Believe them if they come to you about issues of concern. Monitor their habits & friends (& family members in many of these cases), rid them of sexually suggestive, violent, self destructive music & imagery which is detrimental to an already fragile mind. Its important to protect our Black girls, women AND boys! Black fathers or positive male role models in the household are undoubtedly necessary, education is vital, mental health checkups when warranted, rebuilding strong self sustaining communities again etc, the list goes on. If what came out of that docu-series were these conversations, im here for it as we collectively are still a damaged ppl.

    There are plenty of men & women right now that still hold onto their secret of abuse, that has been suppressed for years due to shame or are too psychologically traumatized. Speak up, speak out, support and encourage those going through traumatic events to seek help. Even then, some form of rehabilitation can still be effective.

    “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” ~ Frederick Douglass


  • Jason Tracy

    My Step Mother used to Blame random Things on me on a daily Basis in order to get me in trouble than she would lock me up and Make sure i didint eat dinner, she would even sit by the kitchen to Make sure i didint get a Snack by age 17 i was 6’2 120 pounds i still havent Gotten over it im probably Gonna need serius therapy for that shit..

  • L E

    THANK YOU Lenon!!!

    You have instantly made me feel at peace and given me the clarity and tools to reverse all the years of constrained living and health issues.
    I just discovered you and agree with most of the positive comments below.

    There are no words to express my profound degree of GRATITUDE.

  • Beloved Child

    I have purified my life by removing all toxic people including family and friends and my ex wife. Only positive people from this point forward. I also purified my social media and removed news sources. Television is only wholesome shows and documentaries, no violence. Some days are better than others. Today is not a good day but I am consciously healing.

  • Calla Antoinette

    What if you were born without that “filter” to go on day to day. What if you remember everything as a child… Being bullied, molested, having no friends etc. What if then you try therapy but then you end up verbally and physically abused and not only do you remember but you have the abuse recorded? I don’t trust anyone anymore and I can’t work a job because I cry almost daily.

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