NYPD: “You Have No Right To Film!”

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This is never before seen footage from a protest that took place on May 1st, 2009. In this video, the NYPD approach the activists and the situation escalated from there. Police approached Luke Rudkowski and demanded he stopped filming, which started a confrontation between the two.

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    Dah contatoosin (retard spit sprays as it struggles to pronounce a word it actually swore oath to).
    Hey retard pig, dat contatoosin does mention it, actually in the very first amendment, it’s called freedom of press, you obese, pathetic, retarded pig

  • Ronny Northington

    I can’t understand how cops today are either too stupid to know the laws they have sworn to “Enforce” or they lie like dogs in the sun, A policemens opinion isn’t law, he may not like it, the officer may be right but if its not illegal stop lying about it, You heard him accuse the man of lying to a police officer, the cops hate it when a nobody in general knows and understands their rights…

  • John Hopkins

    That cop doesn’t know the law so how can he be a LAW ENFORCEMENT officer? He is a typical punk bully. You did the right thing Luke.

  • Dennis Kromann

    Police are not held to report the truth and often not required to write a report and/or accountable to tell the facts. And please no more mistaken perceptions, called lies.

  • Enzo Onymus

    Cops lie to us all the time and then they get fucky when we tell them something like that can’t be proven instantly. The Power of a cop is only what you give him. Ignore the piece of shit and if he touches us fuck up the cop.

  • MrSmallANDLoud

    The wasn’t initially something that covered the stated. But through the 14th amendment , the court has extended it to the states

  • Desarioo

    you dont need a press pass, neither invoke the jornalist profession, your a citizen exercising your rigth to control the police activity, and as a taxpayer you have the rigth to demand the transperacy of the administration of your state becasue is a federal country

  • mr koolio

    Did he say the constitution does not apply to states? Wow. And, you stand in front of a cop with a batton….you r an idiot

  • James ACEzWILD. G

    the law is on the side of the guy not the cop. He has all the rights to film the cops any time as long as he don’t interfere with the cops doing their jobs. These cops need to go back to school and learn the law and the Constitution. this is the reason why no one respect the cops because they try to lie to the public and try to force people to believe their lies.

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