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“There is a difference between making a conscious choice and being led to believe that you are making a conscious choice.” + Lenon Honor

Media Mind Control is a precise science. What we find on planet Earth is a network of interwoven mind control distribution nodes. It is a grid that reaches into all lands and affects all people regardless of location, perceived race, skin color, cultural orientation, sexual preference, political ideology, religious belief, economic status, etc. As it relates to the psycho-physical subjugation of masses of people on planet Earth, there is not one vehicle of influence that can remotely compare to that of the media mind control global apparatus.

While in the midst of the media mind control global apparatus an individual will not realize that they are being subconsciously influenced nor will they realize the sometimes overt, but mainly covert, means of subconscious manipulation present within the media mind control global apparatus. Within this apparatus there are many who believe that they are making conscious decisions about the direction of their lives. However, in many cases, such individuals are simply provided with the belief that the choices that they are making are based upon their own conscious awareness; choices that are, in fact, the result of media manipulation i.e. mind control programming.

The mind control programming is perpetual and is designed to, in the first place, deny the mind control victim of its ability to consciously choose, and to ultimately insight a predetermined psychological, and or emotional, and or physical response within the individual so affected.

A classic example of this would be Occupy Wall Street (2011) which was a social/cultural experiment that had global influence via behavior modification. People the world over were mesmerized / programmed into thinking, reacting, and behaving in a predetermined way without conscious thought while believing that they had made a conscious choice. Many of the media mind control programs are strategically designed to create such a belief; the belief that any given choice is the result of a conscious thought process. Understand that there is no better way to control the masses than to have the masses believe that they are making a conscious choice; a choice that ultimately disempowers them.

Here are just a few examples of behavior modification wherein the masses are manipulated to place focus or relevance upon things that they would not have even considered as relevant to them had their subconscious mind not been so affected by media manipulation:

Trayvon Martin Hoodies, skinny jeans, ripped jeans, planking, silly banz, sagging pants, Kriss-Cross pants, flat tops, jheri curls, the shag, mullets, Tebow mania, Lynsanity, gangster rap, Air Jordan Shoes, high heel shoes, cigarettes, excessive tatooing, cougarism, polygamy, so called “girl” power, man purses, 2012 Doomsday Prophecy, the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico, etc.

Most people who have jumped aboard any of the above mention media mind control programs did not do so through intellectual process. Instead, they were programmed to do so via subconscious manipulation which brought forth a psychological condition wherein the individual disconnects from their ability to consciously choose; and is subsequently subject to the subconscious programming that brings about emotional reactions, childish behaviors patterns, and an overwhelming surrender of personal power and personal responsibility. Most importantly please understand that: This level of surrender functions as entertainment for those who produce the media mind control programs. In essence, the masses are provided with various entertainment topics that stimulate in the masses a predetermined psychological, emotional, and physical response. The stimulated response becomes entertainment for those who produced the media mind control programs.

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