Incredible Message from Michael Cremo – January 2015

What is behind the problems we face as a species? What is the true nature of the Human Being?

Please watch: “Michael Tsarion: Paris, Islam, Zionism & The Red Papacy”


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  • zerosister

    “WE”??? Listen, just because I live on this Surface does NOT mean I am causng all these problems. And I do not like this blaming on my spiritual brothers and sisters. What Michael Cremo doesn’t have a clue about is the fact “Psychopaths” Sub-humans exist and they rule the world.
    It’s scientifically proven that these sub-humans have no activity in the frontal lobe of the brain. That is where “empathy”  is suppose to be. If Empathy simply is not there, how can these beings become a constructive member of society or to mankind?  If you study Psychopathy, you will clearly see they are predators of the True Ones of the Creator. It is just like the jungle, they are out there stalking , looking for their next victim. How would you know if they are peaceful when you have no idea what they are thinking? Have you not heard about the peaceful guy living next store arrested for killing a little girl in the neighborhood? Those kind of stories are rampant in this country and it’s all because of Psychopaths.
    For some reason, regular people think there is hope for them when in truth they are destroying this world as fast as they can. Why? Because they hate us. Tell Michael to research “Psychopathy” or maybe he doesn’t want his followers to know.

  • Mountain Mama

    Wow, what a negative reaction to this moving video. I’m sure he knows about psychopaths. He’s talking about us as a collective. It’s not just psychopaths either. There are both atheists & Christians who believe the dog eat dog dogma. I loved the way he put it. Don’t disregard the message because he didn’t mention every little detail.

  • daylight 1

    it is we….even though i know what is happening on some levels i am still participating ….as for me i think we need gradual change…we know change must come… can be for the good of earth or the dark side we see them push for…….it can not be fast serve….it can not be chaos ….

  • Vex T

    Why do people have to get so moronic?! The answer to changing the human world has always been this:

    *Be a man and self-govern!*

    It truly is that simple! Too many humans forget the fundamental of language and logic, to imply or express the human experience into simple symbolic meanings and practical communication. All this complicated language will only confuse people and possibly mislead them to assume false understanding of big complicated words.

    Think about, 99.9% of humans remember short quotes, not elaborately long speeches.

  • Robin Small

    Yes … Cremo is not thinking and researching very deep if he thinks it is all due to competition among regular humans …

    Aristotle said ” not everyone who wears the guise of man is human ” bingo …

    The Emerald tablets talk about the ” brothers of darkness ” will if allowed they infiltrate and subvert via deception ..

    My own energy research as shown me clearly that there is a counter to Nature Zodiacal plan in place starting at Aries and ending in Saturn each week … These Sol less beings only function from toes to belly on Adam Kadmon=
    our fractal star body equal to our human body

    We have the head to toe complete character system … those psychopaths have only low frequency and bingo that is how they interface and ” walk in ” on our human body star gate … If we are placed into states of fear
    , lust, pain and anxiety … sound familiar

    Go to my last post on
    If you want detail …

    These parasitic entities are way too obvious to me now …

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