John Lash The Sophianic Vision Story Of The Mysteries 08/25/14

In this episode I speak with John Lash about the origin of the gnostic teachings, how this knowledge suppressed throughout history, how can it relate to, and empower people today, the birth of the archons and the bigger cosmic picture, and how it relates to what is happening today. We also talk about addressing fear and creating from a place of ecstasy. Check this article out for more backround:

Also: abiogenesis of acari insects- explains how an insect species can be generated from stress in an electromagnetic field –


Please watch: “Michael Tsarion: Paris, Islam, Zionism & The Red Papacy”


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  • Soul Surfer

    To those who are lost, Search Jonathan Kleck’s Channel on youtube. Sophia/Isis/lilith is Lucifer, youve been warned. Yeshua is the truth and the life.

  • spider lady

    I love this material…I have been telling my grandchildren and anyone else who would listen that humanity must Know where it comes from…else we can never Know who we are nor where we are destined to go….via the ecstasy this erudite speaker describes. Now I will seek this speaker’s website so I can Learn and Know more than I know now

  • Mosstone Guitars

    I’m immediately suspicious of any guru who starts off by claiming that they alone know the truth and everyone else is wrong – as Lash did about five minutes into the video.

  • PavlovsBitch

    So true regards the disinformation regards everything and specifically on the Gnostic truth of reality. As an organic researcher, have encountered great work of Wayne Bush on the ‘demiurge’ in the ‘afterlife’ and false light. I hope and trust that this branch of misunderstanding on the supernature of this planet, sun and moon triune will cease once John’s works are known and accepted.

    Everyone’s trying to escape the influence but in the process, are denouncing Earth, physical biology, Sun and Moon as the prison structure in which the archonic virus parasites organic intelligence and soul pre and post birth.

    Whilst I am sure they are right about the false light syndrome of entrapment/reincarnation, people need to marry up that with THIS. So excited to have reached this cornucopia of knowledge. I’m so through with the memory-wipe of ‘wash, spin, repeat’ by the same old evil tribe.

  • PavlovsBitch

    1:20 + … so, audacious Sophia literally fell in LOVE from the galactic plasmic core into the arms of the galaxy of creation, such was her com-Passion for humanity she fell into the arms of the creation in her ardent desire that we would achieve the best for which we were birthed. In here is the ‘virgin mother/maiden and Lilith’. How beautiful is this love story? It is the mother of all love stories. Full of purity, adventure, glory, loss, sibling rivalry, matricide, separation, loss and longing. Now thanks to JL and all who know and love her, we shall ‘live happily ever after’ in a grand reunion.

  • Sonia Loaknauth

    Truth seeking is honorable. I heard John on another show and found him refreshing and looked forward to hearing him speak but by the second time I heard him (especially on this show), his tone and arrogance turned me off in certain areas. I will still research the Sohpianic creation story, just not with the filter of Mr. Lash. Making claims such as “no other religion” does this and “no other religion does that” is very reckless; especially when you throw Hinduism into the mix. The Hindu Upanishads and Vedic texts, the Devi Mahatmaya etc…have obviously never been explored by Lash. This let’s me know he is fully ignorant of the Goddess stories and is just familiar with the one line he used about Vishnu. Hinduism is ALSO not a religion. And it was, and still is, under scrutiny by the Western world and Abrahamic religions. History speaks of the killing of the “uncivilized Indians in India…
    Mysticism, Ecstatic Trances, Self Realization, KNOWING the Earth is a Goddess/our Divine Mother, to love Her and love one and all as our own, to know our Oneness and Divinity with our Creator….yeah…all in Hinduism. There is a lot more in his talk I can comment on but I hope that as Mr. Lash develops his knowledge of the Divine Mother, he will conduct due diligence by exploring and reading about Shakti and the Devi/Mother Goddess Path and not make such bold, egoic claims as I think he has some good knowledge to share. But as a Truth Seeker listening to this, I couldn’t think he is a responsible intellectual. I’d prefer if the host had asked specific questions to have Mr
    Lash go into details about his claims, so we can test Mr. Lash’s claims on comparing and contrasting other Creation stories. However, thank you, Mr. Lash for bringing the Sophianic creation story to the forefront. I look forward to researching it further, as I do agree, it sounds beautiful and captures the heart to know our Divine Mother loves us so much. Jai Ma.

  • Deep State

    The Abrahamic religion is Islam. There is nothing more controlling, destructive than Islam throughout history. It’s Islam that tried to destroy Gnosticism and any other belief system, freedom and installed brutal Islamic laws into other non-Islamic countries. The result of this can be seen in India and Africa today, and India in particular used to be very evolved on connection to the Spirit and therefore became the target of Islamic destruction. Islam originated from ancient Judaism. People, however, confuse this with present day Judaism. It’s Islam that is the threat and problem – a total Archon vehicle. Islam predates Mohammed and began with a band of brutal extremist near Gaza.

  • Kat Woodland

    It’s 2018 and this video is still fresh! As of March of 2018 I am a student of JLL’s work. At minute 48:00 we discover who we, the Rhomey, and why our species is easily duped. (HInt: our natural kindness and naiveté, believing all people are “good”…)

    1:03:00 you’ll be led to the telling of the Sophianic Vision story, with a very good leading question from David Whitehead at 1:03:23. The narrative of Gaia Sophia is one I am personally in love with. Have a listen and see what stirs within you. See how you can relate to and feel empowered by the true story of the true origins of our species and the earth, especially! Our true Mother.

    A true myth is “A sacred narrative of power that excites and engages the power of those who embrace it.” JLL

    Please be sure to listen to the entire show! Brilliant interviewer and interviewee! Aim true.

  • Veronica Stefano

    Yes the gnostics were around before Christianity,the Christians were the ones that murdered them and burn there book and if they didn’t believe in jesus a fake god man they would torture them to death.religion had to stay to control the people,the gnostics would have ruined there plains.the Christians made sure they have gone extinct.we are the true spiritual teachers of the truth,wait a minute here it is,WE’RE BACK AND WE REMEMBER WHO WE WERE AND FIX WHAT THE EVIL PEOPLE AND ALIENS HAVE CORRUPTED.the gnostics have returned.WE ARE THE ONES WHO WILL TURN THE WRONG RIGHT,WE ARE THE ONES WHO WILL BRING DOWN THE SYSTEM,WE ARE THE ONES WHO WILL BRING DOWN RELIGION,WE ARE THE ONES WHO WILL CONQUER OUR FREEDOM,WE ARE POWERFUL AND WE ARE ONE AND NO ONE CAN DIVIDE US.WE ARE TRUTH AND WE WILL EXPOSE THEM AND THEY ARE WEAK AND SCARED AND THEY SHOULD BE.NOW ITS OUR TURN TO TURN THE TABLE OF FEAR.we are the LIGHT of the world.i luv you all.

  • Sticky59

    I highly recommend reading Lash’s book “Not in his Image”…….also to get an understanding of where the so called Israelite/Jews came from and the old testament read “The Bible Unearthed”……it will amaze and anger you how we have been sold a bag of horseshit !

  • John Woodhead

    People in my opinion have to research the depth of that living organism,when they do then they will really understand and not just push any term off used in relation to it,I was lucky,from a little boy I was shown the local wonders of my patch of the earth,all for virtually nothing (fiat currency was hardly involved)….religion does not love life,religion is anti life,wrapped up in a sugar coating

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