Philadelphia Residents SHOCKED As Homes Are Repossessed! – Public Gas Company Issuing Liens!

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about a recent story out of Philadelphia as home owners are seeing homes repossessed over $300 gas bills.
As the Philadelphia economy falters and pension risk grows by the day, residents have been shocked to find the local gas company, a government monopoly called Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW) can simply repossess their home.
As is recently reported, the gas company is filing liens on people’s homes for unpaid bills of as little as $300!
Liens are formerly registered security interest which your property serves as collateral for. Banks have them for the value of a person’s mortgage when people take out loans.
If you do not pay, the lienholder can repossess your home. Well in this case, the public gas company has an automated system which searches through its billing records and finds accounts where people are late on their bill and issues a lien on their property!
There is zero due process and say there is a system or administrative error at PGW, it doesn’t matter. Your home is then repossessed!
Also, imagine it from this perspective… You are a landlord. Someone who is renting misses their gas bill. The gas company comes and repossesses the home despite it not being the tenant’s home. Talk about a blatant infringement of property rights!
Landlords annoyed by this process are told by PGW that they have no say in the case and they need to go through a lengthy process disputing the issue with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission.

Well, a whole bunch of landlords got together and sued the city in Federal Court. They lost.
The US District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania found that the City of Philadelphia has a right to hold property owners responsible for un-paid gas bills and seize their home.

More evidence of the government’s persistent obsession with stealing and plundering people’s wealth. More government monopolization of markets.

Another reason why individuals must break free from these centralized schemes and create their own self sustainable future rather than be dependent on these massive governmental and banking complexes. It’s incredibly important that individuals decentralize their lives and find independent avenues to escape the far reach of the state.

Stay tuned as we continue to follow this issue.

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • BiddieTube

    Where I live, at least the water bill, they will steel your home and property if you do not pay. I have seen someone threatened with home theft from the water dept. Likely gas and electric are the same here, cause, usually when one does it the rest follow.

  • johndhorton

    Put the deadbeat Africans out on the street. There are plenty of homeless Africans living under bridges in Philly. The last time I was in Philly several years ago, there were big, bougie African males all rapped up in blankets sleeping everywhere outdoors in the downtown area.

  • Calvin Blackwood

    Isn’t this the place where the Mayor was on the show Undercover Boss? I’m going to look up after your post is ovet…

  • Smufter16

    The only entity that should be able to take your dwelling is the bank holding your mortgage, and then only after you are issued warnings for several months. How the hell did utility companies get the right to take your home? That is insanity!!!! Find out when the law was passed that allows this, and find out WHO authored the bill. Then go after him/them.

  • M. Howard

    So as long as I’m the police, judge or part of the court system I’m fine. Am I understanding this correctly?

  • Michael Maltese

    How do these laws get
    Made where’s the
    Checks and Balances
    This is so criminal
    How do you stop this
    Shite all this seizure
    Homes car driving
    Stops what the feck

  • nano. joe.

    government’s know EXACTLY what they’re doing. It’s the low level peasant workers who are unaware of the thievery going on

  • Glen Wallace

    I suppose you guys would rather live in one of those old company towns where your employer owns everything and they pay so little you never could afford to move out — then at least you would be living away from ‘the government’.

  • Kevin Clark

    Get the facts straight, in the 70’s when I started working there were 21 people working for 1 retiring. When I was 16 (in the 70’s) I told my grandfather to enjoy my retirement contribution because CPP would not be the same when I retire.

  • Giovanni Ziti

    Down votes… really? Retards. So this is how govt. and corporations find new ways of stealing. 3D printed adult toys are ok. ? haha. The only people that have issues with others having weapons of any kind, is the govt. State or federal, doesn’t matter.

  • Elizabeth A Daly

    Well I guess the landlord will have to restructure the lease where utilities go them first and the rent is due based on total cost ?

  • Vivian Good

    2010-2013 Nevada HOA’s used that scheme and foreclosed on a lot of homes for non-payment of HOA fees. They turned around and sold the homes. People who were trying to save their home from the 2008 housing crash were hit with double jeopardy. The fines were ludicrous. My neighbor was fined 5k a week for not having a pool fence and his pool was empty. They foreclosed on him Oct 2017. He couldn’t sell his home because of the liens they placed on his home. So many lost their home due to this tactic.

  • Samo Meers

    What is very interesting, that you forget to mention, is that the bank creates the money for the loan out of thin air. Then you have to pay it back by labor. Slavery at its finest. And most don’t even know it.

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