Exposing The Global Elite with Bill Vander Zalm

In this exclusive Press For Truth interview Dan Dicks sits down with Bill Vander Zalm former Premier of British Columbia to discuss his views on politics, the global elite and their end game agenda.

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  • Stewart

    Here’s the problem. He was thrown out of government and had a defamation suit enacted against him. Thus, we can not say with great certainty that what he is saying in the video holds any ground because how do we know that he is not just saying these things to make the people in government who threw him out look bad?

  • Laszlo Gq

    I was just a fricking home renovator subcontractor  when he was a premier and economic was booming like crazy made $6300-9100 per month for 4 years, I even did his brothers neighbour house (Point Grey Rd.). thats where I met him with his wife on one Sunday being up on the ladder and he honked with his fancy mercedes and asking me if I am foreigner , asked him why he said canadians dont work on Sunday anyway he was intrested when his brother left the house…. i still have his Business Card what a fine real gentleman he was of course I thanked him jacking up the economics working 12-14 hrs monday to sunday from end of march till September……
    thanx for him now i am enjoying my last 20 years down here in Puerto Vallarta….. 

  • Aeron Goldman

    now it’s instaled in holland those smart-metters and sprayind chaimtrails and the hole 9 yarde scam is unfold on europe and that’s a fact.

  • Daveyboyoyoyo

    Growing up I was always told Canada is the best country in the world. Yeah maybe its the lesser of many evils, but after watching this video I see we’re almost as fucked as the US. This makes me sad. What can I do as an individual to influence positive change in the world? serious question

  • Dan Cebuliak

    yes it is Bill Vander Zalm, he was careful in choosing his words, for which I can understand. To come from where he was, to this is a complete 180 degree turnaround…. thumbs up!

  • Top10

    Theres just one way for us humans: we have to destroy the government system and we have to arrest all government members. They are all killers for profit. We just live and work for their profits and their evil plans to destroy the cultues and the people. Governments turned the back to the humans, they are just criminals. We should no more accept them.

  • Duart Maclean

    The worst government will be a Global Government. The Global Elite believe they have some kind of ‘right’ to determine the future of this planet. This is a demonic mind-set, not a leadership that empowers the populace.

  • P77777777

    There’s a reason British Columbia prospered when his party was in power and it’s no surprise they were removed and replaced by the willing globalist puppet liberals and NDP

  • P77777777

    Interesting and for all his faults his government was the last decent semi trustworthy one BC ever had. The ones following just sold BC out to globalism

    I just realized I never heard Vanderzalm speak before and he’s got the BC accent 99.9% perfected besides English not even being his first language. I always envisioned him sounding like that diplomatic immunity guy in lethal weapon

  • Daniel deVilliers

    OMG I just changed my opinion of Bill Vanderzalm. My father was his Director of Legal Services Branch of the BC Attorney Generals Dept and I grew up hearing the inside skinny. I remember overhearing conversations at the Union Club of Victoria during family events such as Christmas dinner, adults talk in the vicinity of invisible small children. I didn’t understand what I was hearing then, but I see it in a different light now and with hindsight. The Bud Smith scandal. Lyle Island, Meech Lake. Now I hear this truth and common sense and decency coming from this man I had not really listened to before as I have this prejudice against politicians. A lot can be forgiven for someone who is solidly against the evil that is taking over our world, who acknowledges that the world really is being taken over and that they really are evil. Wow.
    We are messed up because the power of the land is the corrupt baby raping /murdering so called royals. As a part of the global elites and the Bilderberg group The German House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha changed its name to Windsor after the castle because they wanted to fool the British people and hide their origins and affiliations. The army, police,judges and politicians all swear allegiance to the crown while the crown preys upon us all. The fish rots from the head. The Rothschild central bank and the national debt scam has to be prosecuted, ALL ASSETS SEIZED The wars of the bankers must be punished. Trials for treason and crimes against humanity. THE SATANIC GLOBAL ELITE MUST ALL HANG. The only way to end the threat from the globalist zionist agenda is to end the bloodlines that propagate it. That is the only way to give our grand children a world where they are free.

  • Andy Ripple

    This is satan temporary shit hole world excuse my language ha won’t last for long 😄 we got a better after life in christ !!!!😎 while that loser satan and his wicked demons and puppets burn not just temporary but eternally that’s there future afterlife so let them have there temporary fun that’s ok they will have a never ending lasting one after this and will deserve every bit of it

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