Getting The WORLD On Steemit! – How The Social Media Changes Everything (with Stephen Kendal)

Josh Sigurdson talks with Stephen Kendal of PromoSteem regarding the future of Steemit as we see countless big names enter the platform as well as DTube.
We have been on Steemit for two years now and it has changed everything we thought we knew about social media. The proxy on the Steem blockchain has been an incredible innovation in the space and has brought countless people into the cryptocurrency world.
Stephen Kendal breaks down his thoughts on the latest news regarding Steemit, the upcoming Hardfork 20, where he sees the Steem price going in 2018 as well as a few critiques of the current system and why it needs to change and better scale itself.
Because we care so much about the potential behind Steemit, it’s important to point out the flaws in hopes that those working at Steemit will hear us out and hopefully make a change. This is the free market after all, that’s what’s so beautiful about it!

While we continue to head into the future on the platform, there are so many alternatives Steemit is creating for the world alongside Dan Larimer’s other genius infrastructure that is EOS. Smart media tokens, password protection, transparency for business, EOSfinex the decentralized exchange, true alternatives to the vastly centralized social media networks and infrastructures. This is an incredible time to be alive!

Stephen also talks about his thoughts on Bitcoin in the latter half of 2018 which he believes will retest 20k as we see far more natural fluctuation over recent months which is enough to make the most patient people loopy. He also talks about his thoughts on the absurdity of the ETFs that have been attempted to be put out on Bitcoin in recent months, including the recently denied Winklevoss ETF which inevitably will just add up to more market manipulation.

Finally, Stephen talks about Digibyte and why he believes the cryptocurrency is incredibly undervalued and important in the blockchain space as the currency with one of the fastest transaction speeds of all. We hope to connect to the Digibyte community and get involved in all of the incredible ideas emulating from their discussions! This is the future folks, true decentralized, efficient free markets!

Stay tuned as we continue to follow all of these issues closely!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Stephen Kendal
Josh Sigurdson

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Ken Jacobsen

    Good stuff Josh.
    I’ve been on Steemit since Aug/16 but haven’t posted, only read and commented.
    This vidcast is a good reminder for me to transition my work to get cracking before my two year anniversary passes.

  • W. M.

    Steemit just does not have the content or traffic. I wish it did, but youtube remains the market leader by far. I would like to see youtube crushed!

  • Michał Z.

    Why anybody – as a viewer and/or reader – would want to abandon YouTube and Facebook for D.Tube and Steemit, if every important creator is also present on those old platforms?
    If the new normal users – the newcommers – have very small chances to make reall money on the Steem platform, wouldn’t they go away from Steem quickly?
    Why the big players shouldn’t do auto-upvotes for themselves instead of the newcommers and other small users?
    If some user or bot acts against some user – for no true reason – and flags posts and comments of that user, what can be done?

  • anon

    I dont like it how they want your mobile number to sign up. In many countires you can’t get a mobile sim activated without gov ID. We need to get away from being chattle of the state and stop signing up for their ID.

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