Ron Paul: Dick Cheney Wants War With Russia – Deep State Desperate For WW3

During a recent episode of The Ron Paul Liberty Report, Dr. Paul called out the recent statement from Dick Cheney that Russia meddling in the U.S. election is an “act of war.”
So the irresponsibly pro destruction viewpoint of warhawk globalists is once again on full display.
Ron Paul called out Dick Cheney, how the neocons and neoliberals want war with Russia and how the west has been sponsoring the enemy in the middle east, scripting out the destabilization of the middle east for years while creating false flag attacks in order to scare people into supporting interventionism.
It has gotten to the point where people like Clinton, John McCain, Chuck Schumer, Obama and Pelosi now claim anyone who doesn’t support the official narrative must work for Vladimir Putin. Talk about delusion!
The anti-war left which disappeared for 8 years under Obama have yet to speak up regarding this insane globalist agenda. It doesn’t look like they’ll be speaking up any time soon. Will we have to wait until we’re involved in all-out nuclear war before someone throws away their revered chains of apathy and says something?
Quit falling for the establishment’s most recent push for death and destruction and think for yourselves! Quit regurgitating the talking points of the media and do your own research! Stand as free voluntary individuals rather than massive chirping collectives! The future may depend on it.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson

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  • Olliver Tjon Soei Len

    Ron Paul, you got the cure and give us the recipe of how to make that cure, we want to synthesize that cure

  • ed sweitzer

    Mark dice does a clip about a press conference where the media was continuously bringing Russia into it and getting shut down.
    no means no
    there are no ties with Russia and elections.

    then of course called a racist because the woman hell bent on asking the wrong questions happened to be black.
    the media took that and ran with it.

    and your right, we are dumbed down enough to bite.
    we are ripe for the picking.

    Bigfoot ET and the lizard man are just around the corner and the first earthers will bite.
    knowing 2+2=4 takes guts in today’s world when pressure and conformity are surrounding you.
    just accept that it’s five and relieve the strain on your brain.

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