What Are You Focusing On?

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Negative people tend to focus on negative things and tend to be unhappy. Positive people tend to focus on positive things and tend to be happy. What you focus in on is ultimately a choice. Therefore, happiness is a choice.

It is important that we a careful about what we give our focus to. In my life there have been times where I focused on negative things so much. Most of the things that I focused on I had no power over and this caused me to become unhappy. More recently I have made a commitment to focus on things that are more positive and sharing a more inspiring story with the world.

Sometimes people focus on negativity just to focus on negativity without really wanting to change things. Simply focusing on negative things does not solve problems.

You will find that people who focus on negative things do so because they are unhappy and the negative things that they focus on maintains their unhappiness. I was the same way in the past. Early on in my life I had been conditioned to expect negativity. Therefore, I began to anticipate negativity. I anticipated negativity which was based upon my own expectation.

It is important that you are clear about what you focus in on day by day. This means that types of people in your space. The types of videos you watch on youtube. The types of music that you listen to. Focus on the positive and you will find happiness.

Happiness is a choice and the choice is yours.


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  • Random Rants

    I’m curious as to what your background is. I get the impression you’ve studied psychology or behavioral therapy. You just have a good, encouraging, and positive energy, and you really understand a lot about everything. Keep up the great work.

  • Hawaiisidecar

    Focus on the small steps and achievements that will bring you closer to a larger goal in the future. Works for me and I live in paradise. If I can make it to white sand beaches and clean air anyone can.  People love their big cities and instant convenience and 100 tv channels and fast cars though. It is amazing that simple things can bring contentment.

  • gray matter

    Another view can be looking at other aspects of life that are very adverse, difficult, and negative overall and learning from it. Learning that you may be going through some hardships yourself, but that there are others who are also going through an equal or an ever greater amount of hardship than you are. If one is happy and content in their lives, however, they should be grateful and need not place their focus on such subjects because it will bring them down rather than provide them with anything of value.

  • Hannah Iranon

    Hi Lenon. Love what you and Ayida are about. I came across your channel while searching generally on material to encourage building functional relationships (all the way from New Zealand) – so thank you for these encouragements! Very good stuff.

  • Luvie1980

    I am guilty of focusing on things that are negative from time to time, that is one of the reasons why I meditate. Living on this planet is not easy however it is not impossible. Thank you for reminding me to focus on the positive things in my life. The Universe is always on my side. 

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