Bilderberg Members DO NOT Like Being Filmed!

On day two of Press For Truth’s coverage of the annual Bilderberg meetings Dan Dicks continues to receive harassment from law enforcement in an effort to ensure the protection these globalist criminals.

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  • crybaby ann

    Hey policemen, these criminals that you are protecting, wanna eliminate us and they are planing to kill you too!

  • crybaby ann

    Trick: write in small letters the word “Bilderberg” on the edge of all your $ bills. It will eventually attract someones attention, more of those $ in circulation, more people will start Google it.

  • dwayners13

    I am glad to see P4T taking the time, effort & expense to fly to Denmark to cover this meeting. If nothing else, it helps to create awareness of this group as the MSM does little (if anything) to cover these meetings, which is extremely troubling when you consider the people who attend them.

  • James Jack

    The quality of the video, in many places is grade A, dynamite. Thank you for risking your safety and your liberties and freedoms to bring us this information. Good work on the sound as well.

  • vanessa joseph

    Its lazy people who choose not to go out and get a real job; but rather take a pay cheque just to sit at a computer and insult people all day.  How empty of a life and angry of an individual these people must be to live this way. What a legacy you leave behind, congratulations.

  • Tony Brown

    Hah, maybe next year I’ll hang out at the airport in a suit with a Bilderberg sign, when some unwitting Berg Bilder comes my way, I can lead him astray and steal his papers–that’s when you find out it’s really a child porn convention!

  • jlarsena

    Holy shit now you need a permit to film in public??? Denmark sucks and I will never go on vacation there. I hope all travellers see this and boycott your country.

  • jlarsena

    This reminds me of a Scientologists convention. Evil is done in secret, good is done in the sunlight. Who enforces the Logan Act?? Can a citizen enforce it with a citizens arrest? I doubt it.

  • Francisco Franco

    Luke and you guys, I’ll see you the next time the Bilderberg Group is in Norway! I’m going to expose them soo hard, yeah!

  • Internet held

    if people dont know if they do any good at those meetings they also dont know if they do anything bad so stop with all those stupid conspiracies

  • Kevin Baiabaia Ramones

    what police is trying to say is 
    fuck the police,, always defending super powers
    and arresting the vulnerable ppl
    THATS WHAY NOBODY LIKE YOU motherfuckers

  • Che Guevara

    Lol. Bilderberg members don’t like being filmed? I missed the part where I give a shit. 

    Tear it down. Tear it all down! 

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