Cash Is King! Say No To The Digital Currency

More and more advancements in technology are paving the way for an eventual cashless society. In the current digital age consumers are being encourage to move towards digital payments via RFID chips, Biometric payment methods and smartphone purchases. In the face of the encroaching new World Order cash is king and we must reject these incremental steps towards a cashless society at every chance we get!

Retailers to Launch Mobile App for Payments:


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  • Afear Thenrut

    What I don’t understand is that if the elite / central banks can just print as much of any currency that they wish; isn’t that placing the control in these few hands anyway?

  • marklivgren

    Thanks for addressing this issue! I’ve herd other liberty advocates on youtube, like Adam Kokesh, that advocate accepting the “future of technology” and a new currency. I think you probably have better spiritual insight into this crazy future that we are about to be living in.

  • Veikra

    hehe…I think it’s pretty easy to pull out money and pay. Easier that typing code, waiting on the machine and etc. How easy people want things to be? They want someone to buy the stuff for them or what :p

  • MsJustanotherhuman

    that’s cuz people for some reason freak out if you use cash, the totally weird looks I get are truly amazing to me…

  • vincentyeo88

    the mint in my country has quit minting the one-cent coins about 10 years ago.

    currently the coins in circulation are 5-cent, 10-cent, 20-cent, 50-cent, and $1 coins. the polymer banknotes are $2, $5, and $10, and the paper banknotes are $50, $100, $500, $1000, and $10000.

    cash is king here!

  • WeirdPlanet108

    I don’t think the technology itself is inherently evil or bad, as it can certainly make life easier in some ways, however when misapplied or used by evil people (Bankers, Rothschild, NWO, IMF ) that is where the problems begin, when it is used by those in power to control & lord it over others, that’s when it becomes bad. In itself it is neither good not bad, but until this rotten monetary system is phased out & replaced with a better, fairer alternative then it is something to be cautious of.

  • xen423

    cant wait for the smart phones at physical stores. imagine if left without using a password or those who use easy simple passwords, theft of phones or lost ones. there should be some control point tho, just a thought.

  • Spiritus

    Imagine.. If you’re tied into paying for everything with your phone the phone company will eventually have you over a barrel and will eventually take greater and greater cut of what you spend.. If you don’t like it you can’t buy anything.

    You ALWAYS need the ability to fall back onto something real. Problem is they often introduce the new tech and remove the fall backs.

  • Spiritus

    For the past few years I’ve been using cash more and more. It’s actually MUCH more convenient and even quicker than having to jump through all the hoops that digital based currency put in your way. If I go to a supermarket I’ll be through the old cash till faster than someone using an automated till with a credit or debit card.. And an importantly thing that most people miss – A cash transaction gives you the opportunity to have a smile and a chat with the checkout operator – It’s more HUMAN.

  • Craig The Chivalrous

    phones are already a prized good to a theif think how nice your phone will look to a thief after this goes live…. :

  • CrewRite

    Nah, they’ll create a multi-pay-card. credit/debit/digital money on one card.

    Some cards already have RFID (radio wireless).

    Giftcards are non-refund to one company, but digital money. Visa and Mastercard have one as well, but charge fees. Some places have out-lawed expiry.

  • BornInTzyon

    This is something the masses will latch on to rather than avoid. and never take the time to question whether a slippery slope may factor in. They love shiny new tech and they’re used to be watched/controlled, so as long as it comes with a greater level of convenience, they’ll gladly accept any negatives. It’s a small minority of people who actually are of the mind that they deserve privacy (which equals freedom) even when it’s less convenient and lower tech.

  • UtherPendragan

    Governments want to get rid of cash because they want to track all purchases. Its all about control. Taxes are not collected or paid with no paper trail.

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