Dr. Jordan Peterson On The Collectivist Mindset

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The collectivist mindset has usurped that of the individual into a “hive mind safe space” where those who question their beliefs and ideology are considered enemies who seek destruction rather than discourse. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Dr. Jordan Peterson about the collectivist mindset, how it develops and also the importance of maintaining your individuality.

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About The Author


  • ashamed of canadians ignorance

    Dr Jordon Peterson for Prime Minister of Canada. I volunteer to be one of his body guards or to assist this endeavor in any capacity. .

  • Benny Harriston

    when you see a firefighter save a house or a person..that is a hero that had helped…………. called the fire and police departments.and maybe a neighbor too…….when countries collect that what is not that important…….you know we got a problem

  • J Glad

    Using a mic and digital camera to record yourselves complaining about organized collectivist actions in a building built and operated by teams of men who work to feed their families is like boasting you can start a fire all by yourself as you use your imported Bic lighter to light your grid-tied natural gas Napoleon grill. Hypocritical and ironic… from this moment forth let this channel be called Hypo’cronic by The Collective.

  • Buddy Bradley

    Most people are indivdualists hedonists these days and that’s a bigger problem than the commies. If a collective would have a shared noble goal, then that would be a positive thing.

  • UltraAar

    If only you had another 30 seconds you couldve asked him why he doesnt believe in Jesus Christ as the Redeemer sent for all humanity! If only his name was mentioned.. Bible talk is futile in a solely psychological focused endeavor. The Bible has symbols and types that only come forth when the individual seeks for God with all his/her heart, not by analyzing it thru the lens of modern psychology methods. I do enjoy listening to Jordan Petersons views though, very much. But Christ has risen! Christ is King! Truth is exclusive by its own definition. Objective morality does not exist in the atheistic worldview. Jordan Peterson is so close, yet so far away from kingdom. The kingdom of heaven is at hand and Jesus has shown us how to build spiritually in the kingdom of heaven! I hope Dr. Petersons light shines even greater, and it will, if he embraces Christ 🙂 he is a very knowledgable and reflective man. He is down to earth as well. God is calling him, and thank you Dan for interviewing him and being Christs light to him 🙂

  • Marc Ariss

    After you say “To make a long story short” you are supposed to shorten the story lol. Great video Dan, just busting your chops a bit. I wish I had known I would have jumped on the ferry and attended the event.

  • JesusIsMagnificent

    The right is ALL TALK no action. No wonder the leftist elite keep pushing their agendas forward and liberalism continues to gain popularity.

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