FBI Exposes 911 As Inside Job! Pentagon Photos Re-Released

The FBI has just re-released photos relating to the attack on the pentagon on September 11th 2001. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth congratulates the FBI on such a stellar release! Support us on Patreon ➜ http://www.patreon.com/PressForTruth
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  • Bansaku

    @2:20 All I see are two Constructicons….I knew it; Megatron! 😛
    But in all seriousness, a jet liner would have crumpled like a can if it hit the Pentagon head on. There would be a small hole with what looks like a giant crumpled tin can on fire. I have seen videos showing what happens when a pressurized aircraft slams into concrete and the concrete always wins!

  • segdell

    Distract and deceive, distract and deceive, distract and deceive, distract and deceive, distract and deceive, …

  • Sharon Ritchie

    I’m not sure if this was confirmed but the Pentagon was due to get audited and all the files that were required for the audit happened to be in the damaged zone.

  • Michael Stewart

    OK cool. If this is true, and it look like it is then I have to ask a reasonable question. Where did the plane go with all the people. This is of concern were all these people take some where and murdered. What the hell happen to all those people on that plane if it did not crash in to the pentagon.

  • Erich Nolan Bertussi

    Too bad no body has flown a real 747 by now into the pentagon to show an example of what really happens.
    Wait, don’t we have computers that would simulate this perfectly?

  • Brian Kerr

    If you want to see what a magnetic field looks like in a ferrocell just click my icon.  Hardly any body knows what a ferrocell is.  simply it is 2 pieces of glass with ferrofluid between them and lit with LED lights. A magnet is placed close to the glass and a visual of the magnet field is seen.  Its 3d too but you cant really see that in a video.

  • Holy Poverty

    Dov Zakheim, one of the Zionist 9/11 masterminds – Look it up.
    I don’t know why they released these photos today either, very interesting indeed.
    Wishful thinking would be that Trump actually plans to reinvestigate. What a dream that would be, if it was open and unbiased.

  • kimdaviscali

    Get your facts straight, while no plane hit, they certainly never said it was a 747, more like a 767 etc. Your lack of fact checking on the plane they allege hit, makes us all and your story look unbelievable. Stick to Trudeau stories.

  • Sergio Parola

    come on americans friends; sure this was no doubt inside job ! best wishes from brazil ! we are living in the end times acording to the bible !!sorry for any english mistake folks ! i love you all american bro !!

  • landlogger

    A distraction FROM THE BUILD up of planning attacks on Russia and Syria.Please clean up your language it is disrespectful to Dan and all of us. thanks.

  • camillako

    just one question: theres thousands of videos of the planes hittting the wtc. any camera pointed at nyc got them. where are the videos of the plane approaching washington ? not a single camera had the area the plane flew through in its line?

  • canadagirl1973

    JMJ ✝. 9/11 was NOT an “inside job”. How absolutely ridiculous to keep suggesting it was. Wacky Conspiracy Theorists!

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