Guns Are Not Your Enemy

Is Gun control really about safety? Then why are non-gun owners statistically more dangerous than gun owners? Shawn Bevins lays down the facts as PFT continues to counter the globalist narrative.

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  • pmpslayer

    If registered gun owners account for less deaths than hotdog chokings then doesn’t that prove that gun registries/licensing/control is saving lives? Guns save lives=true. Guns kill people=true. The problem is that it’s about a 1:50 ratio. Stats are stats, and this guy is using anecdotal evidence to dance around the reality that those stats convey.

  • john ftnwo

    I come from the uk and everything about the uk stinks we like the americans kill babies and families for profit and that is fact !!!!!!!

  • gruntlifeinarms

    Outstanding video! More Canadian people need to wake upand relize how wroung these laws are. I hope the Korean war vet didn’t spend one second in a cell.

  • gringodeltoro1

    Guns don’t just save lives, they save the world! If we could just aim them at the assholes in power… that is…

  • Fight For Freedom

    The gun control issues isn’t just about more control over gun ownership, the real agenda is the government wants free unlimited access to our medical files.

  • jlarsena

    I’m from Moncton and I would have felt safer on lockdown with a gun, that’s a fact. The gun registry has never caught a criminal. Another fact is hotdogs are baby killers, perfect shape and texture to kill infants, but don’t ban them, cut them up and take the round shape out of them.

  • YeshuaAgapao

    Think its 10 meters for a drawn knife vs a holstered handgun.   Guessing it would drop to 3 meters if the handgun is already drawn and in the ready position.

  • chris29554

    Now if governments could only get criminals to follow gun laws.

    (that’s why they don’t work, look at Mexico)

  • CoolJZero1

    Well why don’t we look at China guns are band their to and their strict on the imports barely and guy would have a gun.

  • samuski36

    Great video, don’t agree with everything such as cops getting only one background check in their careers…maybe in Canda…Great message overall though!

  • Aqw aq

    We need to measure all NRA member dick size and maybe find a correlation between owning big guns and having a small penis!!

  • 5tevef

    Timothy…….do you really believe what you want us to believe? So you think the military and law enforcement is funding drugs? Gahahahaa

  • Rod Williamson

    “Despite lurid media accounts of murders involving firearms, law-abiding gun owners are not a threat to public safety. According to Statistics Canada, Canadians who have a firearms licence are less than one-third as likely to commit murder as other Canadians.Statistics Canada data show that licensed gun owners have a homicide rate of 0.60 per 100,000 licensed gun owners between 1997 and 2010. Over the same period, the average national homicide rate was 1.85 per 100,000”- Dr. Gary Mauser

  • missingAtlantis

    Then said Jesus unto him, Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword (Matthew 26:52, King James Version)

  • David King

    So what is the issue?  If the stats say that gun ownership results in a lower crime, why isn’t that accepted? I mean that stats usually lead the way.  Could it be, that at the heart of the matter, is that the Canadian government is being lead by a zionist?

  • Rhamsody Phage

    If I was sick enough to turn a loaded weapon on an unarmed person, I’m pretty sure A GUN BAN WOULDN’T STOP ME.

  • Michaelstroud1982

    this video is right. anyone on here that wants to ban guns then dont own one. just dont call men with guns(police) to come save you.

  • tripplewhipper

    These anti gunners Commenting with their biased misinformed views is truly sad and honestly hurts so much to read. How did much of society get so out of touch with reality and honestly I feel bad for them, being so scared of inanimate objects.

  • Mark Soderberg

    ONLY 9200 VIEWS?  REALLY?  Every single Canadian needs to watch this video.  For the sake of Canada!  Come on Canada!!  Wake up already!!  We must stop the insanity in this country, and force our government to take away the law making powers the RCMP have in Ottawa.  It is so absurd the RCMP have this kind of power in the first place.  It wouldn’t take long and we all would be living in North Korea, if the RCMP got control of this country. Too all Canadians out there, vote for FREEDOM AND LIBERTY in 2015, not pro corporate suppression.   

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