SOPA – The End Of The Internet As We Know It!

The Stop Online Piracy Act will change the internet as we know it in an effort to censor and block the free flow of information. You would no longer be able to share, link to or post any videos, sounds or images on sites like Youtube Twitter and Facebook that have not been personally created by you! We have reached a fork in the road in regards to the direction the internet will go and we must do everything we can to make sure it continues down the path of being neutral open and free.

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  • Rescinded

    This won’t pass now, but let’s just say that IF it does at any point in our future, that we all come together and file complaints against those responsible, accuse them of copyright infringement and make their lives hell, using their own blasphemous law.

  • Deathsaurus1989

    if what happend to megaupload is any indication, even if the bills don’t pass the government IS and HAS been puting there ugly faces WAY too far into the internet. What ever happend to America being the land of the free?

  • xephini

    On thursday the European Union are going to vote about ACTA. If they say yes, it’s the end for the internet. And our freedom of speech.

  • Jihadi Justine Turdeau

    The reason for SOPA is precisely that … it is OUR greatest tool to fight these tyrants. That’s the whole deal.

  • Bob Marley

    if your going to post anti nwo things on fb just be warned that you are makin your self stand out on a fema list. I know this an still do, puting my self at risk to awake people. now I can not share any thing to other people’s page as of tonight.

  • Whitney Pyant

    Yes do you have rights but you don’t I repeat you DON’T have the right to watch copyrighted materials online

  • George Gallows

    i am cared for the mental health because of money grabbing scum.
    i get payed 130 pounds each week at the same time celebrities are living in houses that are bigger than my town.
    i don’t work because risperidone gave me aspergers syndrome since i have been taking resperidone i have been shouting out loud in my home.
    i never blame pagans i can only blame the jew the christian and the musloim and people who are not pagan.
    because of sopa i have no money to spend on entertainment.
    back to the 1980s

  • Mr.Dynamite

    hwo eaver shuts down the internet will ne liken the fuckin road after geting rapped bye riots beating the shit out of people ( figure of speach )

  • Lavender Tea

    STOP SOPA 2013! Go to Google and type in “stop sopa 2013” in the search bar. The first link should be a link to the petition on We The People’s website.

    Do this now, and spread the link and information to your friends! We as a nation can not stand quiet about this. Something needs to be done, or we will lose our rights. Also, for those of you who think SOPA is only going to effect the United States, think again. This new law could effect everyone who uses the internet.

  • D O P E V I L L A

    lol the description omg you cant post other ppls videos or music shit omg what a calamity guess you gotta make it yourself then get talented ha or fuckin buy the rights to use it like youre supposed to shit aint free the thing is ppl are scared the system will be abused but its no more worst than the justice system already is . the internet is just an add on to the whats already been corrupted for 2000 years

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