The Money Changers Then And Now

The love of money is the root of all evil. The ability for private banks to issue currency at interest out of thin air has enabled the elite to enslave the people of the world under a perpetual debt based system.

Watch this speech by 12 year old Victoria Grant on the corrupt Canadian banking system:

My interview with Victoria Grant:

Watch “Untied We Fall”

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  • American Abroad Collecting Currency Abroad

    What is truly mindboggling is that paper money and even coins is the physical manifestation of a nation’s debt. The Federal Reserve (as ”Federal” as Federal Express) prints their magical Monopoly Money and loans it to the US Government (thru the Treasury at interest) because the US can’t live within it’s means. I opt out of this system by buying gold and silver and not going into debt (except my house..try to pay it off as quick as possible) and take on no other debt no matter what.

  • American Abroad Collecting Currency Abroad

    The fools who think that a government printing it’s own money is the answer to all of our problems should not be listened to. They are under the false belief and pretense that somehow the Government will do it better. The Government will only do one thing. Misallocate capital and spend our ”money” aka our labor. Printing money is the problem. It doesn’t matter if it is the Federal Reserve (private) or the US Government. The answer is to decrease the size of government and nationalize.

  • vincentyeo88

    as an independent country, never join any scamming currency union or surrender your right to print your own country’s money.

    once you join a common currency union, you are owned by those bloodsucking NWO banksters!

  • priceispaid

    Stop using money or any kind of bartering (negotiable) instruments. If you grow your own food to feed your family, the only kind of equity you used was your knowledge and labour, and nothing else, and it cost you or your children nothing to eat the food except their ability to eat etc, no money changed hands and no bartering of any goods was done. The whole thing was an act of service and love to meet their needs. All we to do is follow that model as a humanitarian mission to mankind period.

  • Christopher Lambe

    Wanna help make this idea a reality? Join COMER & former Minister of Defense Paul Hellyer in Ottawa June 1st to demand an end to austerity & debt slavery through the use of the Bank of Canada!


  • Arthur Donson

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    The interest publicizes the blood.
    Why does the evanescent payment visualize the crack?
    When does the protest gauge the blue rain?

  • Kay Rosnick


    The funny thing is that this “Gold As The Best Money” debate has been going on for centuries and all those who argued against gold have been proven wrong in the most profound way. The opposing side’s choice has ALWAYS failed where as GOLD is still in the running as the World’s Best Money…ESPECIALLY TODAY! If you send me an email, Ill send you an amazing 16 minute video.

  • Matthew Moore

    there is no longer a fractional reserve system. Just creation from nothing. it isnt tied to central banks or governments creating the fractional reserve level. atleast in the UK.. See Positive Money UK

  • John Ryner

    Let’s rise up and kill every Rothschild,if poor people didn’t exist you could not have rich people,tell a Rothschild to wash his own cloths clean his mansions hunt for his food, but they will always have hungry people slaving over them for minimum wages kill them all now,or easier all us poor people just kill ourselves and leave these controllers to fend for themselves,they will have to burn their money to heat and cook, change the world lets all kill ourselves and this usery on mankind will die off

  • Hitler's Cow

    I’m an American and I agree. International Fractional Reserve Banking must go. We both need to take back our authority to issue our money.

  • Dog of War

    Why is 95% of Canada’s money printed by private banks? Take a look at pictures of Germany in 1945, that is what Canada would have looked like if they refused like the Germans did.

  • Smokey 420

    Just like it is now in houses of worship.

    Joel Osteen made himself rich off those he has led astray in order to rob them by turning our Father’s house of prayer into a den of thieves.

    My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.

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