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We are all Alex Jones Now!
Regardless of what you think of the man this recent internet purge of Alex Jones by the major tech companies is wrong on every level and it needs to be rejected and exposed for the sake of free speech, freedom and liberty. This blatant attack on the free flow of information shows how all the major tech companies have made themselves gods of political opinions and the gatekeepers of the infowar. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth explains why the internet purge of Alex Jones is a direct attack on all free speech and why we must support Alex and anyone else who challenges the status quo now more than ever before it’s too late!

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  • Lawrence Parker

    Alex is disgusting, but he like anyone in a free world should have a voice this is an attack on freedoms every where.

  • marie Alvarez

    Gotta go back dinosaur internet era. Where we have to go to the actual website to watch the videos instead of YouTube.

  • Gsmack96

    Canceled my you tube subscription and now working on getting rid of my Apple products.. This is wrong on all levels

  • Leigh Stewy

    They’ve set the bar with Alex Jones. Everyone is now considered censorship fodder. You don’t have to agree with Jones as a character, but if you believe in freedom of speech, you’ll fight for his right to say whatever he wants.

  • wh1987 H

    That’s scary. We can’t afford to lose this channel as well. Those Liberals and corporations like Google, Facebook, Apple, and YouTube has crossed the line. If they said they will stop fake news, why isn’t CNN and The Young Turks being shut down. I can see hypocrisy from the left gets an automatic pass and any conspiracy theorists news gets banned, blocked or demonetized. Not surprised at all.

  • Dennis Jemison

    This is Just NOT RIGHT as It’s Totally Censorship which is Against The 1st Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America=EOS…JMHO…GBTC&TP Against This EVIL…Amen

  • Lin Yen Chin

    “Hate speech” is a liberal lie, it’s level 2 of their previous lie which is “homophobia,” with “homophobia” being the lie which offshoots from that lie that is “racism.”

    This is not just my opinion as a Negroid with chinese lineage, it simply is what it is; those clowns have attacked the coherence and use of language simply because they hadn’t the competence to argue their marxist and socialist degeneration against free-market conservative sanity… but what do I know besides *Giant Robot Lives Matter!!*

  • Dohn Shernoph

    People like Alex Jones obviously push their own personal agenda with every piece of media that they create, which makes for journalism that is seasoned with just as much bullshit as the MSM. Dan Dicks is just the same.
    “Press For Truth” is just the same and not a channel that has a strict goal of revealing the “truth”, as Dan Dicks makes no effort to hold is bias and personal beliefs back from the media he presents. These aren’t videos based on truth, meant to educate or empower people. These are merely vlogs loudly stating the opinion and beliefs of Dan Dicks (often in the misleading form of presenting facts) and this is why you seldom see proper sources linked in any of his releases. He wants to push his agenda, use some passion in his videos to gain a following, and take advantage of that following to make himself money.

    This isn’t the quality, reliability, and genuine *real* journalism that you would get from someone like James Corbett. Don’t be fooled by the word “truth” being constantly thrown at you.

    Anyway, point of all that is, I really don’t think we are losing much if people like Alex Jones and Dan Dicks channels get deleted. Censorship is fucking awful. But with these channels getting deleted, not only do we get the benefit of more people being aware of the censorship and manipulation that is currently at play, we will also be rid of two people who are pushing their opinion on people as fact just like the MSM.

  • Rhythmista

    YouTube and Facebook’s days are numbered, and will only have the masses of fiercely ignorant, dumbed down, vain, self absorbed sheeple as it’s demographic. The rest of us will venture through other means of social gathering of distributing, learning, and spreading important and vital information .
    Thanks for all your work Mr. Dicks..

  • Suzie Clark

    But when you get the Infowars App, it won’t let you watch the videos unless you accept “Twitter Use Of Cookies” along with ads, personalization, etc. “DA”!

    “What’s Up With That”? It’s obvious somebody is backing Alex & Who & What is the intent of this “Theatrical Show” going on here? Censorship Will Never Fly In This World … Yes I said it “Never”!!!!!

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