Countdown to Default: Pension Ponzi Set to Collapse

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As the countdown to the Pensions Ponzi Default approaches, PFT brings you the truth about your pension.

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  • Johnny

    I’m sure a spoiled, rich, trust fund kid who is sticking taxpayers for 3 nannies for his kids, has the middle class’s back and is more interested in us, than the banks. Err…where did he spend Christmas again???

  • Bug Smasher

    “But perhaps your services have been paid for by that hastily enacted law for the distribution of grain, a law by which they have valued all your liberties at five pecks per man, an allowance actually not much greater than the rations of a prison. For just as in the case of prisoners that scanty supply keeps off death, but yet their strength wanes, so this small amount relieves you of no financial care and disappoints the slenderest hopes of the idle. But even if the allowance were a great one, what lethargy it would show, since it was offered as the price of your slavery, to be deceived by it and actually to owe gratitude to your oppressors for your own property.” – Licinius Macer, plebeian tribune, 73 B.C.

  • Bug Smasher

    There is no such thing as a “Social Security Trust Fund” in the US. No such fund exists anywhere in official records. It’s fiction. We’ve been punked.

  • jaceNZ75

    New Zealand just increased its pension age to 67 by 2020, they also set up a savings/investment fund for allllllllll workers (kiwisaver) because there probably wasn’t enough to take from the pension with out it being noticed, as well as MANDATING fluoridation in allll towns and cities, $40,000 if your town/city doesn’t $10,000 everyday until they do. But its Election year.!!  cant wait for the bullsh#t to begin.!

  • Kathleen Hernandez

    Wasn’t there excess money on social security from the tax Raegan put on it, then it was borrowed by the government and replaced with security bonds that are to be paid on in 2020?

  • Merwin Abbott-Artist

    Learn about MMT .. Modern Monetary Theory Congress decides that something needs funding and the Account get’s a digital deposit .. fiat petrodollar. If the Military Industrial Complex needs money .. it’s just added out of the blue. It doesn’t come from taxes .. that’s just told to us as an excuse to take our individual wealth.

  • Marked Man

    Ontario debt will hit 310 billion this year. the largest sub-national debt of any jurisdiction in the developed world

  • Caleb Read

    As a former canadian public sector worker and I can testify to a severe devaluation in government backed pensions in the last year. in the span of a year the projected value of a 10 year military pension has decreased 15 to 30 percent. naturally, I sought to find out more (show me the math). the fact is the actuaries in ottawa are instructed not to release this information and refer to it being, quote “too complicated for an average person to understand.” the most I could get out of them was that in the next few years interest rates will be hiked….Yeah right….anybody living in canada knows this would risk busting our massive housing bubble and bankrupting the 50 percent of canadians who are living paycheck to paycheck.

  • Connect the Dots

    I had x amount of money, in my pension fund. For some reason, I lost 2,000$, from it. I realized this , after I received a statement, in the mail.
    I called my pension person, that I trusted, on this matter,..and she could not tell me where the 2,000$ went. She told me that it could go ”up and down”.
    This is not the stock is my pension..
    .I feel like it my money, was gambled away, to pay off a debt , that I did not incur.

  • Travis polson

    Every one put your money in this pile , I Promise I won’t take from the pile well your growing old in fact I will make the pile grow .
    Now how many people reading this believe me ? and remember you don’t the politicians or government agents any better then you know me .
    Face it governments have been given to much power over the individual to the point where it’s sickening .

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