The Cryptocurrency Phenomenon – What You NEED To Know Moving Forward

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The cryptocurrency and blockchain space is still very much in it’s infancy and only time will tell where this is leading but one thing is for sure, they have arrived on the global main stage and unless you have a solid understanding of the pro’s and cons moving forward, you’ll get left by the wayside and you will become more susceptible to being enslaved by this technology rather than made free by it. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Lior Gantz of Wealth Research Group about the latest bitcoin news, the reasons why it’s growing, where it’s heading from here and not only why but how you can profit from this while fighting the oligarchy who are now so desperately trying to control this before it’s too late!

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  • Max D

    After 2 minutes when they guy you are interviewing said Bitcoin is going through mass adoption is when I stopped listening.
    It’s not even remotely close to mass adoption. Globally maybe one in ten thousand even own Bitcoin. We are actually at the cusp between development and early adoption.
    For the next couple of years we will still just be in early adoption phase.
    I think Bitcoin will be over $100K before we even begin to get into mass adoption.

  • Felix Vega

    I think it’s fiat money, he said if 1 % of gold would be invested into it it would gain value, it has no real value, it’s created value form nothing but what someone clamps it has.

  • Gregory W Trump SS

    Almost every time I see a video about cypto currency I see images of bit coins you can own like regular physical coins. I’m pretty sure bit coin is a 100% virtual currency. This causes a great deal of confusion.

  • papapapist

    Got a love human nature got to get something for the cheapest possible just like gold and silver miners the bit coin minors are the new slave class

  • AndreNickatlna

    Bitcoin is one of the largest bubbles in history. Many will lose everything when it crashes and people panic sell.

  • Fairy Frequency

    Another fantastic report x) cheers and big like friend! ? inviting you to visit our channel… let’s get lost in nature and reconnect x)

  • Robin Inman

    Thank you, Dan, I trust you and I look forward to learning from you daily. I am so excited about how God is using you to inspire His people.

  • Divergent Droid

    I don’t want any cryptocurrency. Why would I if I don’t want the corruptible Federal Reserve Bank money we have now (US)? Changing the type of money people use won’t change the corrupt government or industry. Evil people can use them to more easily do corrupt deeds outside of oversite. We need something totally New, something Not based on the current world economics.

  • kingsrecords

    getting rich off cryptos is so fkn idiotic. start a business and makr it sucessful. there ya go, generational perpetual wealth. trying to make a fortune and a quick buck are two different things

  • Mike Dowlen

    If you can’t hold it you don’t own it. Hold physical gold and silver.Trade all my crypto currency profits for gold and silver.

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