The TSA Meets Independent Media – Opt Out And Film Week

On day one of the “Opt Out And Film The TSA” campaign, Dan Dicks of Press For Truth and Ashley Jessica went to the Buffalo International airport to help raise awareness about the intrusive and invasive TSA procedures. We were immediately surrounded by members of the TSA and also the Buffalo Transit Police who tried various intimidation tactics on us but ultimately failed to deter us from taking part in this important campaign.
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  • Andy Andrews

    The only thing that you need to worry about is that they don’t outlaw homosexuals in the airport LOL are you are definitely in trouble

  • Dean Wilson

    As a Canadian, I say thank-you for reminding the whole world to be aware of, and to stand up for their constitutional rights … everywhere!

  • mikejrexec

    “It’s a little intrusive, it’s a little invasive”… Yeah so is an explosive detonation on your plane at 30,000 feet.

  • Blake Steele

    That female cop resembles the Stephanie Lazarus a cop busted for murdering a woman 25 years while serving as a uniformed Police officer. She was busted while serving as a Detective.

  • Daniel Northam

    You see, this is what the problem is with so many of our law enforcement folks. They believe that there personal feelings and opinions matter when they are performing there duties. Well your personal feelings and personal opinions don’t matter while you are performing your professional duties, so stop using your color of authority to pursue matters outside of the law just because you personally disagree with them.

  • iamthegame09

    All this boils down to one thing…..the 9/11 attacks “shook” the global superpower which is the USA, and the whole time the USA honestly believed because they were the most developed country in the world that they were invincible to everything!….the 9/11 attacks really frightened the USA and now we have a situation where paranoia is reaching global proportions…..and by the way when I refer to the USA I’m referring to the political establishment…..but then again as the old saying goes “always take advantage of a crisis”…..and that’s what security measures are doing…..high levels of surveillance, citizens are less likely to be inclined to commit or consider committing crimes…..

  • Albert Bryant

    At 3:50, notice bullet-head’s lips get clenched and narrowed, and he puffs air out through flared nostrils. He’s about to pop because you won’t respect his authority.

  • NinjightNationCorp

    Go after the head, not the tentacles. Apply pressure to the state governors and senators. Pressure the people who can actually change the situation. Don’t pressure the people with the jobs. What do you expect them to say? Sure I’m cutting off my paycheck and giving up my car payment?

  • Jesse Z

    This Nazism is teaching the public to OBAY. It’s Rape. It’s not for our own good and safety it’s Rape! No one listened to the Olympic Gymnast either?


    Is anyone else astounded by the phenomenon of every single female pig ever, ignorantly insisting that a person must identify to an officer whenever they request it no matter what? I actually have been documenting it in a playlist titled “noticeable patterns”, and there is one other notable pattern that is consistent with every pig in their category in that playlist. It is just astounding to me that a female pig will be guaranteed to insist a person must identify to an officer whenever they request it no matter what!!!

  • Jesse Z

    🖕It’s not for your own good and safety. This is causing permanent damage to the public and the employees. It’s unbelievabley Sick and dangerous to the country! ☠️🤢🙈🙊🙉⛔

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