Things Are CHANGING In Ontario Under DOUG FORD In A MAJOR Way!

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FordNation seems to be killing it in Ontario! Doug Ford, the brother of the late crack smoking mayor of Toronto Rob Ford has filled his brothers shoes and he’s on a mission to fix all the problems created under the previous Kathleen Wynne government. In this video Leigh Stuart of Press For Truth goes over some of the latest developments in Ontario under the leadership of Premier Doug Ford that are undoing everything that needs to be undone by the previous government! Will he keep this train going or derail like every other politician?…only time will tell.

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  • Amareto

    ‘There are two things that are important in politics. The first is money and I can’t remember what the second one is.’
    Late Mark Hanna. Though I would rather voted for him instead of his predecessor.

  • Moses jalil

    If he is anything like Rob, then he has my support. I’m not conservative but I can’t denie the Fords are hard working politicians that fight for their causes. So far so good.

    Besides.. We’ve had too much waste in Ontario for the last decade. Unbelievable!

  • WhatAre TheyDoing

    Why can’t people get together on getting folks out of politics who are caught doing a moral shit? And cocaine is just dangerous to everybody around the individual doing it. And the individual just choose to do it, fuck them. Let them have it. But let them wear a cocaine hat or a cocaine shirt so everybody knows that they’re freaking the hell out in public! LoL! It sickens me to my guts to think that a crooked politician owns a mansion or 4 that they rarely ever occupy at all while people sleeping streets. I’d like to feed their bodies to the Earth. Not kidding. The wrong people are always in charge. I’m in no way religious but I’m familiar with the literature. One of the clear things that is written into the Jesus narrative is that the Pharisees were powerful, in charge and very damn corrupt and wrong. That’s just obvious from any reading of any of the four texts. Clever. It lends Credence to its legitimacy. But that goes along with any government propagandized religion. There has to be some truth to hang the fancy lies upon.

  • My Pained Life

    So I guess there are now 30,000 teachers out of a job, eh? I mean that is what the Liberal Lie was before the election.
    What else was he going to do? Chop off the head of 2Moms? I hope so. WHO ARE THE ONTARIO LIBERALS ANYWAY? There is NO such Party. Seems they went the way of the dodo bird. Justine we are coming to get you, you POS.

  • Escape the Matrix

    As much as I’d love to think things are going to get better for Canada, the UK, and others, overall, it’s not looking good. With treasonous ‘leaders’ like Jasmine Trudeau, Theresa May, and Angela Merkel, it’s an uphill battle, obviously.

  • KC Huston

    Yay. Kathleen Wynn is gone so that is already a huge first step. I am always skeptical about politicians but Doug is doing what he said he was going to do and I quite enjoy watching the Concervitive destroy the NDP at Queens Park. Andrea Howath is a complete moron and her cabinet is filled with white hating…man hating.. anti police and anti Canadian idiots who think they are entitled to whatever they want. Let’s see what Doug does next and hope for the best but plan for the worst and hold him to account.

  • Dennis Jemison

    Well, Maybe this Guy will Give THE REAL CANADIANS Some HOPE??? That Soy Boy Girly Man Muslim PM Is Totally Ruining Canada With Islamization of Canada of him/she’s Policies!!! You PEOPE, REAL CANADIANS Need a TRUMP to DRAIN The FRENCH FROGG Regimes That Have Strangled REAL CANADIANS to Death With TAXATION Out Of This World to Pay for The FROGG’s Socialist Communism TATICS!!! JMHO as I Have many Canadian Friends & Family as a REAL AMERICAN Christian Gods Warrior Against This PURE PEDOPHILIA Running This World!!!!!!!!!!!! JMHO…GBTC&TP…Amen

  • Kody leatherdale

    I think ford is exactly what the logical people call him. The establishment. The elite pivoted us into a bs trilateral position between the liberals, conservatives and ndp with their media strings and the elite got what they wanted. I didn’t vote for either three parties because it was obvious where this was going. Enjoy paying more for everything Ontario ??….. except for your beer ????

  • Doja Toka

    Cottage industries for cannabis. Anything less is NOT “For the people”. Removing the provincial monopoly on the SALE of cannabis is only a half measure. The idea that the gooberment should be able to dictate something as arbitrary as a ‘plant limit’ is absurd.

  • Glenn Lawson

    Social Networkers should be careful what they say about “the left,” on Twitter. Alex Jones has been accused of hate speech for telling the truth about the liberals, and has been blocked on certain Networks. However the Liberals ( The Left) are Notorius for Deceiving. They ARE Diabolically Crafty! I DON’T Hate Anyone WorldWide. I Desire All People to Repent of All Wickedness and Evil. However, Tyranny Abounds, Especially Among Federal Democrats and Rhino Republicans and Bureaucrats. I am 100% for 100% Constitutionalists, Freedom, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!

  • Luke's Day off

    We need help here in NB as well…its gettin sad. sometimes i feel like I should run for Provincial but FFS… lol

  • leslie p campbell

    ummm…im still on the fence with ford reducing government im down with that we definitely suffering from too many cooks but wanting to reduce the minimum wage definitely dont agree with that i remember what it was like to work for $10 why not push it to $15….

  • CipherFiveZero

    Some things I like about Doug Ford is he promised to cut funding to post-secondary education institutions that don’t support the culture of free speech, income tax will be phased out for minimum wage earners and rates lowered in general, he got rid of the god awful sex education that Wynne put in place, conducting an audit into the previous government’s spending’s and making the Relief Line in Toronto a top priority project for public transit (Even though I felt it should have been built 20 years ago instead of that stub on Sheppard Ave).

  • Kid Android

    It’s funny how we have someone in office keeping their promises and ppl are so jaded by politicians that they’re just waiting for anything at all to get on him over even though we haven’t seen anything but kept promises and fast action so far. Ford is the first person ive ever voted for and im 40 years old so I have high hopes but until he does make a mistake I’ll support him and the party wholeheartedly. Either way he’s definitely better than the Liberals who have ruined our Province and country and America in general to the point I cry for my childrens future if the recent past under them is any indication. BRING BACK COMMON SENSE and DOUG IS DOING JUST THAT …….FUCK POLITICAL CORRECTNESS LETS SMILE & LAUGH AGAIN & PROTECT THE CHILDREN

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