BOMBSHELL INFORMATION On Wikileaks Source That Changes Everything!

In this video Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange breaks down the latest information about Seth Rich alleged DNC leaker and wikileaks source. As more information is coming in from private investigator Rod Wheeler and Fox News we talk about the cover up and the bigger story behind all the latest .

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    The Democraps want to Impeach Trump, because at a dinner, he said ” I hope the Investigation of Flynn ends soon. ”
    That’s it!!
    Didn’t Obama run with a poster saying “Hope”???
    But Trump says “hope” and he gets impeached?
    Of course, it’s a lot more sinister when Hillary says it. For instance, if she said ,”Gee, I HOPE nothing bad happens to Comey. ”

  • Ebbaneeza feelgood

    Podesta the molester ….i know i souldnt laugh ….i know i shouldnt …..but i cant help it ….what a fuckingnick name ……. Aresst that dirty pig his name should be enough to lock him up …….but i gotta say im still laughing

  • 0dq0

    Luke, could you please please clear your throat the next time before narrating. It is so annoying to hear the sound of sputtum gurgling in your throat. It is so annoying that I can’t even finish watching this video.

  • BoB Bobroski

    Let’s be honest. Would Trump have leaker assassinated at this stage in his life? No. Would he shit talk him and try to have him arrest? Probably, but kill him? No… he wouldn’t, and he hasn’t been the same after “ordering” those airstrikes either.

  • jrsims11

    Is anybody else worried that the DNC paid off Mueller(the special prosecutor) so that the investigation will look as if Trump is at fault?

  • JM

    Wikileaks leaked DNC/Podesta e-mails show high-profile corruption? No. THe mails are real, but pay no attention to that cause it is Russian hackers, no proof needed. DNC staffer, killed right after the scandal, mailed Wikileaks? Botched robbery, no proof needed. Don’t speculate on connection to Wikileaks without proof even if mails eventually surface. Hackers must’ve killed him.
    *Hackers? No proof needed? That’s exactly how we were fed 911 “Terrorists” BS. 16 years and still no proof in sight.*

  • Dees Plays

    There’s this episode of Brickleberry that highlights gang violence. Turns out they were all cops investigating each other. Doing criminal things to protect people from…. wait the “bikers” were the only criminals.

  • me oh yeh its ME

    Hey Luke, do you know George webb? Perhaps you could interview him to help his investigation. Would be great. Love the channel.

  • The Loose Spark

    I’d be wary of using the Podesta email in relation to Seth Rich since it was dated 2015 and related to a separate, previous leaking incident. That’s just going to be used to discredit the Seth Rich alternative media investigation.

    However, it does show the mentality of Podesta who doesn’t care if a person is “guilty” or not of a supposed wrongdoing before deciding to “make an example” of them.

  • JCX Productions

    The reason I watch you is that you are not bias, don’t let anyone, including your fans change that!

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