David Whitehead – Dr Joseph P Farrell on American Freedom Radio 5/14/2013


Please watch: “Canada, Trudeau, Cannabis, and the NWO Feat. Dan Dicks/David Whitehead”


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  • David Venson

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  • Mah Be

    But what about ancient cultures that speak of–nature changing the consciousness of man like the changes in the sun & its effects on all sentient life forms? I think u guy under estimate the power of the Great Spirit 2 provide us with all we need 2 defeat the dark cabal. The advancements the dark elite will make using technology the rest of us will make naturally & its already happening! Just look at what’s going on all over the world as the masses awaken–do u guy’s think that is coincidence?

  • Paul Revere

    Not at all. In one interview Farrell had brought up that movie himself and found it quite funny as he explained some of the parts speaking some truths covered in comedic sarcasm.

  • R1philosophy

    The Philadelphia experiment is not real just an urban legend for the most part, the existence of nukes is the greatest hoax of all time, we dont have alien tech all man made, and yes the world is ruled by a secret criminal cabal.

  • Paul Revere

    Absolutely. All man made and the debate still comes down to “Who?”
    ‘Roswell and the Reich’ by Farrell blows the lid on the whole UFO shtick. A bit over 500 pages of serious no-nonsense research about what really crashed near Roswell.

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