Gold & Silver VS. Bitcoin! – Why Not BOTH?

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economics analyst John Sneisen about the recent growth of Bitcoin vs. gold and silver as the Google searches for “Buy Bitcoin” surpass searches for “Buy Gold.”
Gold and silver are great stores of wealth. It’s an insurance rather than an investment. However, since 2012 gold and silver have been incredibly manipulated by ETFs and derivatives. This has drastically affected the value. Gold and silver by all fundamentals should be much more valuable than they currently are. Physical sales are way up but due to all the ETF inflows, the price has been held down like a beach ball under water, with momentum to bounce up if not for the hand holding them down.
Banks like Deutsche Bank have been caught red-handed in court manipulating the price of gold and silver. Other banks in the same cases have been caught as well, like HSBC, Scotia Bank, BNP Paribas among many others. This has been incredibly detrimental to the value.
However gold and silver have survived millenias. The second the banking system goes down, gold and silver will fly far above their current value.
Gold and silver are based in scarcity, demand and application.
Now, many gold and silver bugs have shown a massive distaste for Bitcoin and vice versa.
However, Bitcoin is based as well in scarcity, demand and application. It is decentralized and misunderstood by so many as “fiat” when fiat by definition is legal tender currency that’s centrally planned (into oblivion).
The fact is, both are great. Bitcoin has made far greater leaps in recent times and has shown itself to be a massive threat to the central banking system as the world reserve fiat currency is devaluing enormously and ready to crash at any time. But after the crash, both Bitcoin, gold and silver will show themselves to be a great solution for the crashing fiat system.
In this video, we dig deep into the qualities of both.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Thore Stub Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Dade Williams

    bitcoin is being used in japan like cash, and those “debit” cards that let you use bitcoin are coming 😉 great show guys

  • Bug Smasher

    The problem with BitCoin is that it has been propped up to its present level mostly by people who see it as a get-rich-quick scheme, as opposed to financial freedom from the government and the banks. Get-rich-quick schemes always run out of steam and implode.

  • matteo distasio

    can you buy “gold”…..with bitcoin ?…….think about it……people accept cash….thats it….so it doesnt matter what “it” is…it matters what people believe ! has value……i believe in dog shit….i believe that dog shit has value…..but nobody else does, so , dog shit is worthless…..

  • Erhard Dinges

    Crypto or Clepto-currency? Made from thin air as well? But think: Precious metals are bound to fiat money system also.Manipulated all times.

  • Robert Vann

    Bitcoin is an imaginary currency based on faith as all fiat currencies are; a wise man will ride the bitcoin mule to the gold fields. Liquidate bitcoin before it liquidate s you. Buy real gold and silver because it is real money and gems are real money. Computer money will be no different than all the other fiat currencies that have existed through human history. They will go to zero.

  • Ricardo Temporal

    The word ‘fiat’ has a different meaning in English and Latin. Peter Schiff might be using the original meaning from Latin. I know because English is not my first language and I was making the same mistake. In Latin, fiat does not mean that it’s enforced. It means that it’s created out of thin air. Compare the dictionaries.


    Gold has INTRINSIC value BitCOIN has NONE. The comparison is an absurdity BitCOIN is as valuable as monopoly money it’s worthless phantom toy “money” avoid it like the plague.

  • jmcarp98

    During this recent price drop in bitcoin I was locked out on my exodus wallet for over 24hrs. Also my balance for no reason just went to zero. Wasn’t sure if I had lost all my bitcoin or not. All I could do was email exodus. Talk about counter party risks. You dont have control of it.

  • jmcarp98

    Blockchain will be the cashless society and the central bankers have been behind it since day one. Crypto assets have counter party risk. I don’t hate crypto and I have some, but it doesnt compare to gold and silver to me:)

  • dagda825

    It’s more likely that the search term is more popular for bitcoin due to the surge and hype re: cryptos. I know this is anethema to the fanboys, but bitcoin is popular right now due to it’s inflated price. It reminds me of the pre .com bubble days. As always, be contrarian to the hurd.

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