In this video, Josh Sigurdson breaks down how you can make the alternative/independent media the new mainstream media without barely lifting a hand!
Currently, independent medias across the board are being censored by YouTube and Facebook. Videos are being demonetized. This is causing independent medias to struggle at an alarming rate.
However, there is a solution and the solution is incredibly easy, it just takes individuals showing their power in numbers.
Websites like Patreon allow people to make pledges. If every WAM subscriber gave one dollar a month, WAM would make $13,000 a month! If every subscriber gave two dollars a month, that would bring the total up to $26,000 a month!
This would grow the size and scope of the production at WAM astronomically while allowing us to hire reporters, writers, get top notch equipment and travel the world covering stories and events!
The solution is so easy, but it’s so incredibly difficult to motivate people to give a single dollar each month. People support independent media with viewership but we need so much more than just viewership. We need the money to survive and we can do it without having to bow down to advertisers.
The job can be done so easily but it depends on the individuals watching.
We spend 15-18 hours a day doing reports, interviews, confrontations, documentaries, editing, marketing, finding new stories that others haven’t talked about and it’s incredibly difficult work. If we could get a news team together, we’d be pumping out 50 times the amount of content and changing the dialogue internationally.
Will you take that step and help us get there for the sake of the future of individual liberty and freedoms?

Stay tuned for more from WAM!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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