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  • Brad Smith

    Will never visit victoria again or spend a dime there. Anti western parasite stronghold.

    Was born in Halifax but will never visit or spend a dime there again either until the Cornwallis statue goes back up 10 feet taller.
    This is my history and I’m not going to be erased. Mayor Helps is a fucking parasite. A subhuman piece of trash not worthy of office let alone citizenship in this great land.

  • No Name

    there is a trudeau statue that deeply offends middle class canadians and those working hard to become middle class tax payers

  • taylor

    only morons try to destroy the very society that allows them to have the freedom to act like morons in the first place

  • DamnDirtyApe

    When do we take down Pierre Trudeau’s statues and plaques?
    And Louis Riel, Jaque Cartier and John Cabot and the hundreds of other french colonizers?

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