Legalizing Cannabis In Canada By 2018 – What You Need To Know

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The Liberals are about to announce that cannabis will be legal in Canada by July 1st 2018 and in this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth separates the facts from the fiction!

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  • oriontv1001

    The USA will never allow this to happen. The USA will threaten to shut down the border if we try to legalize it.

  • Richard Levy

    Saliva testing of drivers. How do they determine a legal amount of cannabinoids in the body? They have the data but will choose to fuck anyone who smells like they just smoked one and perpetuate lies about it. Regulate it, all of what was said in this vid. Stay private.

  • thomas martel

    stop voting we give up our power when we vote in these corrupted incompetent representatives. if we the people the true shareholders of Canada w
    actually got up and went out to veto on legalization it would be in affect right now we just fifty one percent of the populations veto to make real change in this country

  • Tesh Osborne

    Those that need it will get it .. smoke it.. vape it .. eat it .. make tea .. butter .. they will treat themselves because they already know what helps them the best without overdosing ..

  • revcrussell

    I want to know how the legalization can happen. How can the federal government issue licenses? Licenses are a constitutional jurisdiction of the provinces. Property is a constitutional jurisdiction of the provinces. I can see them going with the Excise Tax Act, like alcohol and tobacco. That would see the license part, but the federal government can’t regulate through that, because it isn’t their jurisdiction.

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