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7 Things that Every Man Can do to Prepare for a Positive Relationship:

1. Heal from past relationships with women

2. Transcend Sexist Programming

3. Identify and eliminate any addictions that lower your value as a man

4. Work on becoming more responsible in all areas of your life

5. Develop a high degree of sexual discipline

6. Let go of relationships that keep you operating below your true power as a man

7. Define how a man functions within a positive male-female relationship

Lenon Honor is a writer, musician, video producer, talk show host, and counselor. His website has provided a wealth of information and inspiration in regards to manhood, fatherhood, marriage, children, family, and personal growth.

Lenon Honor is the writer of two published books. The first, “Writings for the Fathers of the World of Tomorrow” was written to inspire current and future parents and to encourage healthy relationships between fathers and sons. The second book, “Deep in the Garden of Consciousness” delves deep into metaphysics, spirituality, and consciousness.

Lenon Honor has produced two empowering lecture series. The first series is for women and is titled “What is an Honorable Man, How to Attract One, and Knowing that you are Worthy”. The second series is for men and is titled “Raising up Masculinity, Honoring the Penis, and Embracing Manhood as a Sacred Institution”. Both lectures delve deep into issues related to male-female relationships, attraction, self-esteem, self-worth, and personal growth.

Lenon Honor has produced 8 major documentaries to date. Film topics range from spirituality, religion, media mind control, subliminal manipulation, transhumanism, the occult, politics, the entertainment industry, amongst other salient topics. All of his films are available for viewing at

As a musician Lenon Honor has produced 5 albums of music and has performed in the U.S. and abroad. His most recent music album titled “In the Land of the Ancient Ones” was released in June of 2011.

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