How to Achieve Greatness in the Midst of Negativity Part 2

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How to Achieve Greatness in the Midst of Negativity


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  • Reveye

    I’m so appreciative of you and your family Lenon. I may not comment on every video I watch, but I always take notes. Your message resonates so strongly with me. I thank you. I salute your spirit.

  • dogboon

    Hi Lenon. Thank you for your time and all that you do. Please understand that I do appreciate everything that you do and it has and always will positively inspire and teach me and many others deeply. I do however have one thing i have to question. Considering the range that your work has covered, its remarkable to me that i can only question one point.

    This is regarding cleansing toxic people out of your life. Bare in mind that the world is full of negative people, and noone is perfect. We all have negative influences on others in some way, some how, some times. Yes we should reflect on our own actions and change ourselves to not repeat that negative influences again. But I find that I learn a lot about myself and the world when I engage and interact with all types of people. Sometimes, I may even have a reacquiring type of person that for some reason comes into my life repeatedly. I may even want to ignore, avoid and in some cases confront this person in an equally nasty manor. But I always find that its productive to treat the experience as a learning period. I often develop stronger relationships and help that person gain a chance to see how they are behaving in a negative way too. I  try not to judge them, or allow recentment, hatred or bitternes fester in any way inside myself about this person either. I kind of draw the individual into a game where i secretly try to get them to learn from the experience and at the same time Im trying to grow in my knowledge of myself.

    The most negative, toxic person Ive ever met in my life, a man that would make me ill if I even thought of him, who caused so much turmoil in my life is now my best friend. After years of negativity and all kinds of conflict he is now a positive influence in my life. So much so I can not imagine a world without him. 

    I hope Im being clear in my explanation of my point. What are your thoughts please. Thankyou

  • laoshu505000

    ”I don’t even argue with my wife. Why would I be arguing with someone through Twitter and Facebook?”

  • Adrianne Kelly

    How is it that ppl confuse removing negative energy from your personal space as  acting crazy, bipolar, antisocial or as being weak & having low self esteem?? Labels always take a life of it’s own good or bad. Ppl should always take care not to freely place negative labels on others & behave according to their bias and negative judgments. 

  • Adrianne Kelly

    Diagnosised with depression 12 years ago & gave it to God in 2004. No depression since then! Ppl should stop claiming mental health issues or allowing others to  define who you are by them. I don’t claim depression. It’s no longer apart of my life!

  • Blayze

    “Blocking negative people is an act of self love.”  Best quote of this video.  Thanks once again! +Lenon Honor 

  • mrwafi777

    hey man thank you for this, i didn’t grow with either parents and didn’t get much schooling,and i decided that i wouldn’t be like my daddy, and got married to the most beautiful woman in the world. we got married and i clearly didn’t know what the hell i was getting in to, so i did shit and let her down by breaking my promise with infidelity. i managed to put shit back together. then almost seven years and two kids later she decided she will leave me over what happened that long ago. i begged and cried and and thought of killing myself just like i did at one time at ten years old when i chose to die instead of being beat down by my drunk father. i drank two bottles of prescription pills from my step moms cabinet. so i decided to try it again because this shit is so hard. she got my kids and now even the kids don’t want to talk to me. she moved and kept the kids and left me with the mortgage. so i have two jobs to keep the house. but putting this in a nut shell i miss my kids but they dont want to talk to me and i wanted my family back but like i am burnign out because i am not that guy nomore.  most of what i am hearing is to leave it alone and it will come back to me. well i am looking and waitng and my feeling of that dream is almost dead. i have a doughter that is 9 and son 7

  • ken ch

    My mom and one of my sisters always have something negative to say. I can’t just stop seeing my family. When they start doing that would leaving the room be the same as separating yourself?

  • One Liberated Mama

    I have been watching your videos all week. I truly am going to go back and re-watch because there’s been so many GEMS I must write down. I am purifying and reflecting on my life and preparing for a consultation with you.

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