MSM Media Ignores History Being Made NOW In France! pt 1

History Is Happening In France RIGHT NOW!

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  • We never wanted Tyranny

    It’s a shame that more people haven’t just stopped going to work and help towards the cause. Instead you have pro going to work yes please keep taxing crap out of me I will eventually work for free just let me live!! Cowards

  • We never wanted Tyranny

    Soon to be coming to a theater near USA 🇺🇸. Just wait.. they are doing everything they can to help this stock market NOT collapse. When it does and the prouder that the fed wants to give Wall Street 💰 AGAIN!! The American Citizens will call for the collapse of Corporations and the Fed.. things will turn ugly worldwide being we are the Reserve Currency and this is a debt base Ponzi scheme.. get your popcorn ready

  • Keith Waterman

    our media is force feeding us that Venezuela is oppressing their citizens! Don’t back down vest,it will be wroth the fight.

  • Cole Younger

    Luke please i get its intense but please stay as calm as you can when making these. it does not need any more intensity. its already crazy enough.

  • Kai Taidgh

    Dude. Ask him a question and then shut up. Farrk. Have a rant after the video. Poor guy trying to listen to you rant on and then ask him three different questions which half you seemed to answer yourself. Was like watching a kid with ADHD. Interview skills mate

  • Marcy Carson

    In the USA, we have 6 National Media Corporations that control all National Media. All 6 Media Corporations are controlled by Globalists, Democrats. All 6 are pushing brainwashing enemy propaganda. I stopped watching movies and TV, I don’t go to the movies anymore… I’m so sick of the Propaganda it turns my stomach when I hear it.

  • David Primeau

    Thank you France.
    Trump has balls and allowed the Mueller probe to continue even though he had the right to shut it down.
    I live in Canada and support Brexit.
    My prime minister is against free speech and has shut down an investigation in his corruption.

  • captainboing

    If anyone was ever in doubt who the MSM serve, surely after 19 weeks of this it makes it completely clear. Soon the French Army and Police are going to have to decide who they serve – and remember the French have history here!

  • Marcus Holmes

    In UK the only thing British news(non Brexit) media reported was the fact that the military were prepared to shoot civilians.

  • Marcus Holmes

    This started over petrol prices and motorist issues and snowballed into this. The “yellow jacket” stemmed from the law that hi vis has to be worn by motorists yet the gov also wanted to charge people to wear it and fine them if they didn’t

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