Syrian Chemical False Flag Exposed

Reports are coming in of a chemical attacked is Syria allegedly carried out by the Assad regime and in this video Dan Dicks shows that this was a false flag that has been in the making for years!
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  • theswagler

    I voted for Trump, but if he gives the green flag to all-out invade Syria we’ve been duped. I saw a comment elsewhere stating McCain meet with Al Qaeda in 2013 before first sarin gas use, now recently in February before this last sarin gas use. Sadly, it doesn’t matter how much proof is compiled Assad never chemical gassed his own people, nowadays DC only needs to accuse it’s foes to justify invading.

  • Corrado VRz

    Is the US government about to completely destroy yet another country and all based on lies? Where will it end? How many more innocent people will have to die or have their lives completely ruined because of these lunatics in power in the US? I wonder what Russia and China will do about it…

  • JAE, There's nothing like a NA'VI*

    Dan Dicks, This video is the Most Impressive and Revealing bit of Truth that I have ever seen! GOOD WORK, MAN!

  • delerium2k

    Low resolution analysis. Referring to a 4 year old PTV interview as some sort of evidence that an event from this week is a FF is lazy and misleading.

  • Nathan Riva

    I remember back in 2013 when this happened. Putin came in with a smooth diplomatic move and offered to remove the chemical weapons. The vast majority of people wanted to stay out of syria; it worked for a while. But, I’ll never forget saying “people are crazy if they think this shit is over”. Just needed to change the gang colours back to red.

  • substation41

    Last week Tillerson said Syrians will determine Syrias future. This week Assad is blamed for killing children, makes me sick how far the new world order deep state shadow government will go to remove Assad. Please tell me Trumps enemies won’t succeed in pulling US into war with Russia!

  • simao bajs

    its insane how you saying this is a false attack , i have been watching your channel for a while now but this is just retaded. I know people my self people from syria that lives in sweden , Germany ect atm and they went through shit and people still dont belive in it. Usa have a reason to attack in syria to save the people. When usa attacked Iraq/sadam because of the chemicals we had that was a fucking false flag shit just to invade and do nothing. if you compair sadam to assad then idk how you even got a brain. Iraq didnt need you but syria do btw dont expect usa to get involved. israel loves assad and the war in syria involving iran , russia ect will not make them happy.

  • Chris Walls

    They gave this as a reason years ago. What’s brought this shit on. And where’s Trump now. Wake up everyone

  • bbtesla

    Yep. this is the same old bullshit. And since Trump is linked at the hip to Israel and Saudi Arabia. He most likely will be the very gullible fall guy, to Israel’s and Saudi Arabia’s demented plans. Trump’s IQ is showing itself and it doesn’t look good folks. This Trump looks to be an easily manipulated fool. I hope that I am wrong.

  • ron sae

    Great call Dan, you were absolutely spot on with that one. You did a great job in general actually.

    God bless you my friend, may peace be upon your soul.


    The propaganda is exactly right. its THIS VIDEO video and proves why Pot should not be sold legally. Just look at the interviewer and commentary. Its exactly garbage like this that confuses the stupid even more. A walmart customer service training video. Oh ya..its Israel they took down the towers shot kennedy and increased housing prices in Toronto. Of course. And now a message from local goat sponsor.

  • Vin Seneb

    Lol! that was painful to watch, you really dragged that one out Dan there was a lot of Humming and Hawing, or short term memory loss, did you smoke something, also you looked like a comrade from the ministry of propaganda, what was with the shirt? the info was cool though 😀

  • watcher on the wall

    this shit all started when asad would not allow a oil pipeline going through his country , so instead of simply going around his country , the us started its propaganda to get the population behind them and they win in the way of …the oil line, sales of piles of military weapons , placing a puppet leader in the country that would follow what the us and un want , its genocide at its worst , and all this for the greed of money and power , same as the problem in the south china sea , china was being too prosperous so now the usa steps in to slow down their economy , and if a war starts from it …all the better

  • Free That's funny

    How obvious does a false flag have to be before it is exposed with evidence? I would love to see these players caught in the act with undisputed evidence! I’d bet the MSM would still deny it.

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