BREAKING: US Bombs Syria In Response To Chemical Attack – What You Need To Know!

The US has bombed Syria in response to a false flag chemical attack and in this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth gives his response and breaks down Trumps post bombing press conference. Support us on Patreon ➜
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  • Johnie Mortaki

    it takes a bum to belittle our president for taking out the mother fuckers who did this. we are out there trying to fight back and you are more worried about creating a video arguing with every little thing Trump says. You sir are a immature kid in a mans body. You wouldnt last! You look so fragile!

  • María Angélica Brunell Solar

    This speech is disgusting! Has Trump been threatened in order for him to betray his former positions?

  • Matthew Kegley

    Assad wouldnt do this to his own people? smh. do you not know who assad is and has done to his people? you are another kind of stupid.

  • solrart

    Putin asked Assad to increase the terror on his people because Putin knows it will start a new wave of refugees that will put an enormous pressure on the EU and may cause it to break down and it will also strain the relationship between EU and Turkey… and this is a development that Putin really really wants… He wants the EU to break down so he can get his influence back on his neighbors… Trump got it right this time….

  • 46magars

    Trump is wrong. This is a set up from the internal traitors. How is possible that he didn’t verified that. Globalists got him!

  • panterasux22

    why is it always the beautiful babies hu? when is someone going to stand up for all the ugly babies of the world. sad day

  • James Behrje

    your comment on let’s end terror is ridiculous. so during world war 2 during the Jewish genocide when the allies killed German Nazis they were wrong. OK! ! ! I understand now. the world would be a better place if we did nothing. Another thing. When Trump said those things Syria was in a different state. Hillary Clinton swung a bat at a beehive and created this mess to begin with her poor decisions as Secretary of state by supporting the overthrow of khadafi. An Arab spring is what they called I think. I think everyone was supposed to sing Kum by ya and hug each other. I guess that didn’t happen. well because of her now it’s Arab summer and things are going to get real hot before they get better again. We have to fix her mistakes and the sad truth is that force is now going to be the only way. Hillary herself trying to fix her mistake advocated for doing the same exact thing Trump is doing now. The only thing different is Trump is fixing someone else’s mistake and Hillary was just trying to save face by fixing her own.

  • Jack White

    Is he serious? Why would He do that to his own people?? Why would Saddam try out a chemical weapon on HIS own people? Who knows, but the fact is, HE DID IT. Libtard wusses.

  • Blochhead

    Dumbass we bombed Syria bc we knew theat was gonna help to stop terrorism u can’t just tell terrorists to stop and expect them to stop. You actually need to u sr force and make them stop. Remember terrorists killed so many people from all countries just search up on YouTube videos of terrorists killing and torturing people.

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