CRISIS In Latin America As Currencies PLUMMET! – The Next Domino To Fall?

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen as several Latin American currencies plummet!
This is no surprise as all fiat currencies eventually revert to their true value of zero as they have since 1024 AD in China every single time. Still, it’s shocking a lot of people. We’ve recently reported on the massive inflation hitting Argentina for what seems like the millionth time in the past century which in reality isn’t too far off. The Argentinian Peso has seen a huge drop in purchasing power this past year. We’ve also been reporting on the hyperinflation hitting Venezuela for years. We can thank vast centralization and manipulation for these struggles.
Well it appears the Brazilian Real, the Mexican and Columbian Pesos and largely all of Latin America is struggling right now.
Argentina is trying to force its banking system to shift away from short term funding, has cancelled the daily dollar auction and has phased out its short term Lebacs program. The Peso saw a cliff dive following these moves.
Then the Argentinian central bank stepped in and raised 7-day rates by 500bps to 45%!
Emerging market investors are panicking for good reason. This is an obvious sign of the desperate sentiment of the central banking system.
This has seen reactions in Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Columbia. But alas, this is expected. We cannot expect history’s greatest tricks of central planning to end any differently than it has over and over again for a thousand years.
They are propping up that which does not live. It is getting heavier and heavier as the days roll on and eventually it will fall on top of the populace. The longer it is put off, the worse it will be.

Individuals must branch out from under the watchful eye of the global complex. Individuals must be independent and self sustainable. Financially educated and responsible. We cannot continue to be dependent on an entity which benefits from our dependence.

We will continue to cover this issue closely! Stay tuned for more from WAM!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Sneisen

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  • Russell Sage

    Have you guys ever watched zeitgeist? What do you think about the weaknesses inherent to capitalism? And how can these be solved without some amount of socialism? Personally, I think capitalism, communism and socialism are all susceptible to corruption and I would like to start measuring success based on increase in standard of living!

  • So Mellow

    Being responsible basic means we should buy gold and silver. Gold and silver is tested and proven so what would be more reasonable? Bitcoin has never been tested so who knows? If shit hits the fan I don’t think I’d be willing to give something physical for a digital currency. If it hits the fan and and things get worse than the great depression like some are suggesting we might not even be able to afford internet. Honestly if it was that bad I don’t think I’d trade you a meal for all the digital currency you own. If someone came to me with gold or silver I might entertain giving up some goods for it. I am a silver stacker and I think people would want something physical after losing everything.


    I do love you me videos.. but virtually all your titles have the name of a country and a crisis. Are things getting worse.. or has the world always been sliding from one crisis to the next?..

  • Maddox

    If it comes to defense you guys would shit your pants and die if a gang of bikers stormed through your houses to collect food and money.

  • Rick Smàll

    What would have happened if Venezuela would have used the oil profits to build a few photovoltaic plants.
    Home solar, solarized e-trikes/boats for transportation, other offshoots.
    They and other countries wouldn’t be reliant on fiat.
    Solar Coins would be currency of the day.

  • Ghastly Grinner

    If money is all just believe just kill anyone who tries to audit the central bank and prove that its smoke and mirrors and our lives should continue to be great no?

  • Daniel Howell

    The way this fraudulent system is running you could make gravel money tomorrow and everyone would suck it up as being the gospel

  • John Smith

    I wonder if part of the problem with these emerging markets, is that they went into all kinds of debt, in order to get their GDP’s booming.

  • Donald Kasper

    45% interest? No one pays back loans at 45% interest. The only outcome is default. So of course those with brains want out. When Mexico was paying 30% interest a Mexican woman I knew put all her life savings in a Mexican bank to get rich. Oh, yeah, then Mexico defaulted and closed its banks, and when they reopened, her bank account was zero. Go figure.

  • Nick Pappas

    This is off subject. Watched a you tuber called traveling Robert who is touring Norway in a camper. I have never seen such natural beauty . I was totally blown away, the scenery is breath taking.There is a good side of Norway John.

  • Robert Tan

    Gold and silver are down as well. Rocks ain’t much better. It’s the mighty Dollar and that’s the biggest fiat. Go figure.

  • JG Arce

    Great channel and content guys. It’d be great if you both had lapel mics so a conversation can be generated. Blessings!

  • Shaka Zulu

    John, I like your analogy of the central banking minions spinning more and more plates. I believe that what happened was they enlisted CERN to bring Shiva through an open portal in 2012 so that they could spin a lot more plates at once than in 2008. Pretty simple and easy to see that is 100% accurate! 😉

  • Chemistry Atomistic

    I’m sorry, but people in Brazil are like “f*ck Turkey, right now we must think about our presidential elections ”

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