Justin Trudeau tells Star Wars joke before addressing Fort McMurray fires May the Fourth be with you

What a Joker! (The Joke’s on us!)

*Any ad revenue collected will be donated to the Red Cross to help the families from the Fort McMurray area who have had to flee their homes. Donate today: https://donate.redcross.ca/ea-action/action?ea.client.id=1951&ea.campaign.id=50610&gclid=COCykcSiycwCFYsAaQodSusMWg


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  • changethecurrent

    why disable thumbs down? thumbs down on this Trudeau guy! why was the call
    for evacuation so late to come? how the fire start? people want back in
    their homes is this going to be another slave lake? why are the Americans
    not extending any assistance? why is this not on the general MSM in the

  • True Tech

    it appears you can not appreciate his wanting to try and help others on the
    important matter in which was the main focus of his communicating directly
    to those locally while showing there to show his support for them.
    most people do have an ability to not examine things from a bitter though
    vulcan approach, though.

    its important i feel that you are hopefully able to develop a sense of
    humor, even during times of great crisis.
    humor, is sometimes often the doctors best medicine. i am sure you are
    familiar with that famous quote.

    when you have nothing and are feeling down and out and feeling on edge, a
    light hearted joke sometimes can do wonders to help lift people to be
    idealy free of any possible forms of preexisting depression.

    may this reach you with a tone of compassion, as i do realize you must be
    feeling the effects do to the frustrating loss of maybe your home to fire.

    just wondering something though, as i notice you are compassionately driven
    to the point of seeking to raise funding to help reduce the crisis that is
    present in alberta due to the humbling fire that everybody in canada and
    hopefully abroad wished never happened in the first place,
    are you even slightly able to understand why he momentarily pointed to a
    star wars reference?
    he truely does want ‘the force to be with those being most challenged by
    their current situation at hand.

    ideally though, i think you would better off be focusing on less slander of
    mr trudeau, in which to advertise your help towards a blood supply that is
    also on short supply.

    please see past this in which that frustrates you, my fellow canadian.
    for i have lost my entire family in the past, and have a good understanding
    of what it feels like to be missing what you most cherished first and

    may the force be with you, and help make you feel stronger during any such
    times of humbling need.



  • changethecurrent

    he must not have see any of the car cam videos of the evacuation joke are
    not cool right now we need real leadership. the feds and provincial
    governments failed to call the evacuation early enough. they should have
    been telling people to leave the day before or sooner. these guys know that
    their is a great deal of dead brush in the forest. the amount of tree die
    off in the last few years alone is staggering to say the least. the weather
    in Canada is like another world and we all clearly see the cloud cover
    created on daily basis by jets. some call them chemtrails but I do know
    that it is cloud cover for sure. the forest in canada from coast to coast
    is becoming a disaster waiting to happen yet the guy is cracking

  • Jia L.

    Hahaha, our Country is literally burning, but there is always time to crack
    a joke. Amiright fam? ;)

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