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Special note: My wife and I have decided to do more videos so that we can earn more income. We have been living at our current residence for 6 years and the neighborhood has presented many challenges. From drug dealers to drug addicts from disrespectful neighbors to loud music. At this point we need to move to a bigger home and to a peaceful neighborhood. My wife and I have been in a positive relationship for 15 years and our family is the most important thing to us. Inside of our home there is a great deal of love in our household. However, outside of our home there is a lot of dysfunction. So my wife and I have decided to do more videos, share more information, and earn more income so that we can move as soon as possible. Part of this process is doing more videos on youtube.
In this video I talk about various topics while I paint the room that we will be doing youtube videos in. Topics discussed in this video include: Manhood, Fatherhood, Male/Female Relationships/Self-Esteem/ and my family background.
Anytime that a man brags about himself a lot it is a self-esteem issue. He brags about himself because internally he does not value himself. He then overcompensates for his low value by attempting to prove to others that he is of high value. Bragging becomes the faulty means to that end. For some men the reason why they suffer with low self-esteem is because their fathers were not in their lives to build their self-esteem. In my case I had a father until the age of 13. But during those 13 years my father provided a horrible example for manhood, fatherhood, and husband hood. My father was physically and verbally abusive to my mother and to my siblings. My father was also an alcoholic and drug addict. By the time I was 12 years old he was addicted to crack cocaine and everything spiraled out of control from that point on. Despite all of this I never used my father’s abuse or his absence as an excuse. Instead I used it as motivation to become the best man that I can be. All of these years later I am experiencing a loving relationship with my wife and I am also experiencing a home environment where my children are properly loved, protect, and cared for.
One of the ways that you build your self-esteem is to build your own value. In other words, you build up the ability to offer something to someone else. The more you can offer the more value you will have. The more value you have the higher your self-esteem. Being able to contribute something to someone else is what makes you feel like man. You must have something of value to offer to someone else. The more you can offer the more confident you will be. The more confident you become the higher your self-esteem.
So young men you must ask yourself, “What do I have to offer to others?”
In relationships you can ask, “What do I have to offer to a woman in a relationship?”
If you do no have much to offer than you must commit yourself to your own personal development. What I share in this video is personal and is based upon my own experience. It is my hope that by sharing this information I will help some young men to develop into men sooner than I did.