South Africa’s Coming CRASH! – Another Terrible Sovereign Wealth Fund?

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the recent news of the creation of a sovereign wealth fund in South Africa by President Cyril Ramaphosa.
Ramaphosa thinks this will boost economic growth in the country which is funny to say the least. We’ve seen this in countless other countries before and Norway would be a great example of how not to go about this kind of move.
South Africa is attempting to stabilize themselves, but via the hand of more instability in a vastly centralized system.
Their main exports are platinum, coal, iron ore, diamonds and citrus fruits. But this new system will be almost entirely paper contracts. They will have as per usual far more paper than they have commodities which will lead to another massive bubble.
South Africa is making several similar moves in government to what Zimbabwe did approaching their massive hyperinflation which is certainly worth noting in this context.

This will simply be yet another domino to fall on the world stage.

The ANC may want to rethink this.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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    If fundamentals are off the table how do you confidently declare that Fiat currency will fail this time? Huge flaw with your logic there. Not the first time either.

  • Vicky Villeneuve

    Several countries experienced a drop in their currency value.
    SA will not be able to stabilize because their political atmosphere is too toxic for investment.

  • \///

    are you guys planning to buy each other diamonds for your engagement?? or are you gonna buck the system? it’s ok if you make an exception, we won’t judge.

  • eugene enos

    This going to be no crisis in America Donald Trump is kicking ass and taking names the economy strong the dollar bill strong sit back relax and keep on stacking !!!

  • Smufter16

    Even if S. Africa throws out/kills all the whites, they will never collapse. They have too many valuable natural resources. If there was a crisis you can bet China would come swooping in to make a deal. No Instant Karma here folks…move along.

  • Pekka Rousu

    Norway. Lets say stocks go down 70%. Then the value of 1 000 billion dollars in the fund go down to 500 billions. Out of some strange reason Norway has today a national debt of 150 billion dollars and paying interest by taxing the people. Why have a debt at all?? Well, they still will have 350 billions net in that case.

    Why not spend some money on infrastructure and get normal roads (highways in Norway are jokes)? And some nuclear plants for cheap electricity.

  • Eagle Vision

    Seer Nicolas Von Rensberg prophecies 100 years ago prophecy of race war in Europe and America after South Africa are in a race war. White genocide is going to be in full bloom soon after the economic crash in South Africa. Don’t dismiss it because he has over 400 fulfilled prophecies from Mandela, Obama, Trump and Lady Diana murder.

  • bullsnutsoz

    This is the satanists new world order in progress.No country on earth will evade their deliberate destruction by these corporate pirates.We are all being rolled into a hell on earth being: Corporate fascists at the top; overseeing marxism for the mob who will also be forced into Islam Muslim sharia laws at street level..The controllers above this and below the top will be similar to the goons used in China and USSR of late..A system of tattle tailing quislings increasing their status by ratting out their neighbors to the powers that be.
    All this destruction is a carefully planned and finely tuned computer program where every situation ;dime and reaction are already known well before they actually happen…
    There are few hiccups and no nasty surprises…whilever mankind stays asleep…
    When mankind finally awakes and begins summarily hanging and guillotining from the very top I believe things will change VERY rapidly!

  • Dave Dawson

    Anti-white, murdering, raping, Afrocentric, commies are about to create a shit load of human suffering and fuck their economy in the process. Then a load of them will spill into Europe, land of the white man who they hate so much. Then further social problems, European suffering, rapes, disharmony, disenfranchisement. Sad state of affairs.

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