The Truth About The Syrian Chemical Attack – A Timeline Of False Flags & Lies

Josh Sigurdson breaks down a 4 year timeline of false flags and destruction following the false flag chemical attack in Syria.
Back in 2013 we saw the same story playing out with the same old lies. We at WAM did everything we could to warn people about the false flag that has been shoved in our face through the mainstream media. The propaganda that was all too familiar from Libya, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan and going back to Iranian missile coup.
We warned people that it was just another false flag in order to go to war. That arming the rebels in Syria would lead to a new you-know-who. (For the sake of algorithm we will for now leave their name out of the description.)
Sure enough, the US armed and funded the rebel group and we know how that turned out.
Later on, it was found that there was no evidence that Assad gassed his own people and showed that Hillary Clinton approved delivering Libya’s sarin gas to Syrian rebels, a decision in 2012 between the Obama administration, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the CIA and MI6 as exposed by Seymour Hersh.
Soon after, footage came out showing rebels testing the chemical agents on rabbits.
Trump at the time echoed the words of none other than Thomas Massie that war with Syria would be horrendous.
In 2014, John Kerry declared all chemical weapons were removed from Syria. This statement has followed him ever since.
During the 2015-2016 US election, Hillary Clinton pushed the notion of shooting down Russian planes in Syria following Russia’s alignment with Syria. According to top generals, this would lead to World War 3 with Russia.
Trump ran on a non-interventionist platform regarding Syria and said he would not be involved in bombing the country. How things have changed…
In December 2016, Israel and Syria signed a ceasefire that was to put an end to Israel’s bombing of government targets. Israel immediately disobeyed, bombing Syrian airports and government targets while claiming they were targeting terrorists.
In March 2017, after Israel bombed several government targets in Syria, Damascus fired back at Israel. No one was killed, and Israel intercepted the blow-back, but it was considered the most significant escalation of aggression between Israel and Syria to date.
While tensions with Russia appeared to be calming, lowering the chances of a world war, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and UN ambassador Nikki Haley claimed that Assad was no longer their target in Syria and that the Syrian people should decide their own political fate. The next day, John McCain spoke out furiously about the development saying he was “deeply disturbed by the statements.”
Within 3 days, the media wants us to believe that Assad, despite being safe, with no motive whatsoever, decided to gas his own people.
Trump and Tillerson both followed this story by saying their views on Syria have changed. Trump saying we’re now talking about “a whole different level” in Syria.
Trump is now aligning with John McCain and Lindsey Graham on the issue. There is now a threat of world war 3 with Russia once again.
Russia is adamantly saying that Assad is not responsible.
In fact, on April 4th, 2017, the Syrian government bombed a rebel held warehouse where chemical weapons are produced. Rebels used these same chemical munitions in 2016 in Aleppo.
Rex Tillerson is saying that Russia needs to change their tune regarding Syria immediately.
This was followed on April 6th, 2017 by a night ambush. 59 tomahawk missiles hit a Syrian base. explosions went off in Homs. Putin threatened possible negative consequences. This is now the world we live in.
Can’t people see the fashion of the week? That anyone who disagrees with the establishment must work for Russia? That the script seemed to be thrown to the wind and the establishment is desperate to make the script play out all the same?
Think about it, the Trump administration after all these years claims they are not interested in overthrowing Assad, so Assad for absolutely no reason decides to gas his own people?
It makes absolutely no sense!
This is insanity. This is so incredibly irresponsible!
Ron Paul agrees that this is a false flag much like what we saw in 2013. If Assad was involved in doing this terrible crime, he’d be committing suicide.
Trump is drinking the koolaid of his intel advisers entrenched in the CFR, CIA deep state and it puts us all in danger.

Stay tuned for updates!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

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  • World Alternative Media

    This video was IMMEDIATELY demonetized upon publishing. Please help us out in any way you can so we can continue to stay afloat! Thank you!
    ~ Josh

  • Never Give Up

    From Infowars: The airport that was bombed had the chemical weapons stored, which was supposed to be destroyed 4 years ago, but was still housed there! The airport was abandoned ahead of time and Russia had full knowledge of this attack by Trump. Hopefully this is true, just letting you know what I just heard. Please see at 12:00pm for more coverage of this event!

  • Franklin Kawano

    Here we go again. Trump is no better than neocon globalists and following an obvious false flag by unprovoked attack on Syria without investigation or Congressional approval. The swmp is festering with Goldman Sachs and Zionists

  • Oliver Bates

    This is well documented and well said what he synagogue of satan is doing in the Middle East to bring about WW3. Once the war is over the currencies of the world will be crashed by the Rothschild Central Banking system and then we will see the rise of the Antichrist and his government. The unbelieving jews will accept him as their messiah.

  • OhCanadaWSOGFT

    gd, I’m too good.
    I’ve called WW3 a month ago. Islamic invaders of the West, the Middle East as per usual, now this.
    Hold onto your balls, this is going to be one hell of a ride!

  • Smash Cultural Marxism

    Trump is going full retard….he’s been successfully manipulated by the swamp. I was a supporter of HIS brand of charge and now he’s just another retard warmonger.

  • Smash Cultural Marxism

    This chemical attack is utter bullshit, a total false flag, and Trump bought it hook, line, and sinker.
    Watch all the videos of how first responders are handling the “victims” of the attack. These people were not gased because if they were, the first aides and responders would be dead to from handling the “victims”
    None of the bodies are wet or stripped of clothing which would be contaminated and would kill the responders.
    Here is the CDC NIOSH protocols for dealing with sarin. Read how to SAFELY handle the dead and injured from a SARIN attack. Now compare how the responders are taking no precautions suitable for SARIN.

  • jita swl

    trump is being played like a fiddle. proven fact.isis captured chemical weapons,and 2 Turkish officials came forward way back befor this started and stated that the first attack was a setup. assad is winning. he is not desperate. wheres all the chemical burns. there wernt any. then you have a so called survivor pleaing to trump. looked pretty healthy to me. this is all bullshit to start a war. now rick perry is going to be nsc. hes a member of the cfr !!!also look at the weather reports Wesley clark did an interview and stated it was brought to his attention,bya pentagon worker that a plan had been put in place to dessabalize 5 coutries. Libya,lebbanon , Syria,and 2 north African countries. sadam went to the unite nations and requested that euros be paid for his oil rather than u.s dollars. qadafi wanted to introduce th gold dinar and look what happened. what did the .s. say about all the Iraqi children getting slaughterd ? oh well, these things happen in war and are unavoidable. trump either is part of this whole now scheme or so incompetent he needs his head examined. rich does not make you smart.

  • RU12

    This just cost Trump the 2020 election. He’s gone deep state globalist. Ann Coulter said it first. They put Obama in the same situation on the last one. He didn’t bomb because he found out the US did it not Assad. Just like the US (Soros, McCain, Victoria Nuland, CIA) invaded Ukraine, not Russia.

  • dirt rider

    damn …I was hoping trump was different…so so disappointed….piss off Russia and possibly China through north Korea….ww3 is coming …fuckin zionists

  • Charzor

    Is it me, or do I feel like that Trump has already done what Clinton wanted?

    The last thing the US wants is another Bush/Obama Era.

    Enough already.

  • Planetgonenuts

    I commend your efforts. The Agenda is ancient in its origins. It should be obvious to anyone that is awake that the Western World Governments and others are all totally corrupt and are working together to topple legitimate governments that stand in their way towards world hegemony. They are all part of a MASONIC SYNDICATE which permeates the world and is the progenitor of the Atlantean Western Power which for untold centuries has been working their way towards World Domination hidden behind the mythos of the gods and “Lost Civilization”. They will soon unleash a new era of Terror behind the veil of “National Security”.

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