Thomas Kean Admits He Stayed at Bohemian Grove w/ George Schultz, Colin Powell & Steve Wynn

After a lecture at the Drew University, Thomas Kean, Former Governor of New Jersey, opens up about his time at Bohemian Grove and admits to staying in a cabin with George Schultz (,
Colin Powell (,
& Steve Wynn (

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  • LeavingTheEcstasy

    that’s pretty cool of him to at least say something. he must be low level considering he said the big ups don’t talk to him.

  • Rusciano5

    Schultz and I had a sword fight under the redwoods then we had baby for dinner, after we sacrificed a tween in front of a 40 foot owl of course.

  • Koolaid Kangz

    I thought the guy seemed less creepy than I expected very human indeed, perhaps some of these events at the bohemian grove are partitioned off to conceal the real satanic shit! Maybe he was just aloud to see the artistic crap.

  • NoGuyComesClose

    Mammoth Corporate CEO’s get together and watch men dressed as woman..
    Where else can you sit in a cabin w/George Schultz, Colin Powell & Steve Wynn..
    What? … How about at the playboy mansion w/Hugh Hefner …
    Ritual Power Awesome! Excellent Gentlemen Excellent! 

  • zero49

    The police officer on the left is just standing there after hearing that? If it were one of us he would’ve arrested us and taken us in for questioning.

  • cat lady

    He does answer but he starts twitching his eyelids nervously when asked about the grove.
    Men dressing up as women? silly? Well HE liked it well enough to stay over anyway… At least he admitted it.
    Some are not so good in denying i guess.

  • rbeck3200tb40

    I wonder why a New Jersey governor gets invited to the Bohemian Grove at the Mandalay camp ? He was the chairman of the 911 commission. He was getting his instructions on how to cover up the 911 investigation . Why would you invite a New Jersey governor to this exclusive club ?

  • Edbrad

    Why do you people keep saying Molech is the Owl? The only place I’ve seen Molech in reference to an owl is Alex Jones, everywhere else you can see Molech is a bull.

  • AlexisDesterie

    About time someone FINALLY answered the fucking question about bohemian grove without getting either all defensive or not answering at all. Whether he told the truth or not, at least he answered and wasn’t mean about it.

  • LateNiteTeeVee

    Steve Wynn, I believe, was recently charged with sexual harassment at his hotel in Vegas. Just a coincidence that some witnesses have attested to BOHEMIAN guests chasing costumed [trafficked] children through the woods, hunting, terrorizing and assaulting them. There is a guest registry for Bohemian Grove in book form, and it lists various elites from the energy industry, politics, entertainment, etc – “all the best people” :/

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