Bill Clinton Facing LAWSUIT As FOUR MORE WOMEN Come Out Against Former President!

Josh Sigurdson breaks down the latest developments involving Bill Clinton as four more women accuse him of abuse.
According to The Daily Mail as well as the Telegraph, four more women on top of the dozens that have already come out over the years against Bill Clinton have come forward regarding a period of time in the early 2000s when Clinton was working with Ron Burkle and flying on a sex-themed jet with the billionaire. Interestingly around the same period, Clinton was flying on the Lolita Express with Jeffrey Epstein according to flight logs.
The most recent women would have been in their late teens at the time of the misconduct and have made it clear that they are coordinating their efforts and are looking for substantial settlements to keep them quiet.
Negotiations are currently heated and if they don’t settle, they plan on putting on a joint press conference to call out Bill Clinton.
Hillary Clinton reportedly offered to hire private detectives to find dirt on the women but the legal council advised against it.

This domino effect has stemmed from the Harvey Weinstein (a Clinton friend) allegations which lead to Kevin Spacey (a long time Clinton friend), Al Franken (a long time Clinton friend) and countless others. Though one cannot forget those on all sides of the spectrum including Roy Moore.
Feminists in the 90s ignored President Clinton’s misconduct and victim shamed people like Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey and Paula Jones. Why? Because he was a Democrat.
These same feminists weren’t so forgiving when it was someone on the right.
Now there are people who are forgiving of the right and not the left. How about abusers on both sides are sick and demented and need to be called out, especially those who go after children.

While many stories may be made up and one is innocent until proven guilty, the allegations against Bill Clinton going back more than 40 years, adding up to dozens speaks for itself.

George H W Bush has been exposed recently for similar but not as aggressive conduct and this will continue to grow. Sickos in elite industry from Hollywood, sports to of course Washington will continue to be exposed and seen for what it is. A degenerate elite shadow world where people can get away with whatever they want while being revered by so many.

Time to shew the snakes out of the den. Weinstein was only the beginning.

Stay tuned for more from WAM!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson

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  • Fkn Freddy

    Dirty Billie on air fk one, smh. it seems that if a politician ever climbs to a position of power its because they have enough skeletons in their closets that they can be easily controlled.

  • royce davis

    Josh Sigurdson, a voice in the wilderness who should be the next POTUS. Where are more voices like Josh’s? Without more Josh Sigurdson’s, Canada and the USA will fall, and fall hard. Support this man and his efforts of righteousness and truth. Without help, the enemies of nature and nature’s Creator will complete this nation’s full destruction. Please send whatever possible, no matter how little or great. The USA/Canada will thank you as will the rest of those who desire truth and righteousness.

  • Lita Davidson

    Sorry, but the Clintons and Bushes are WAR CRIMINALS, Spacey shouldn’t be classified within that group. This is just more BS! Covering up and distracting from the fact that Bushes and the Clintons are the worst War Criminals the world has ever seen. I’m starting to see the Alex Jones within your reporting, for example your views on Venezuela, with you saying that Chavez was a Marxist criminal dictator. WRONG!

  • Annie's Channel

    I feel that all this clean up is to look good n will bring Trump down n the Dems or the NWO gang takes over as the hammer hits…those charged will all go free…watch them all go willingly knowing the left has their backs….or those leftest judges will let them off again…but I feel the hammer is coming down… America I feel your pain…but Christian radio warned us years ago…I listened since Regan..because I trust God n his people it is amazing n weird to see the warnings unfold over the years…I heard about Bill before any of this in “The Clinton Chronicles” on Christian Radio n bought my copy… but if mentioned nobody would listen…they said he was wonderful..n the woman I knew swooned…. media portrayed him as Mr Wonderful…n same for Obama..the truth would curl your hair…Sorry America but God tried to tell you.. even his word shows you how to live righteously…but you chose to follow your own heart instead of common sense…I cry as I watch you fall…n SMH. There is nothing to do now except to fasten your seat belt n hang on….

  • Michael Bailey

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  • Vivian Good

    I doubt they can file a lawsuit, the statute of limitations has come and gone years ago. This will be another Bill Cosby scenario. Unless they can prove threats to them.

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