Unslaved – David Whitehead Truth Warrior Vlog

Thank you all for your support! The unslaved podcast launches successfully! This is a project that is centered around freedom, and I believe will set a new standard in this field of research. Come and visit us at www.unslaved.com



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  • Tomorer

    Can’t wait to see this. I guess its now a race to see who can write the
    best reference material on the subject of subversion of the human race by
    the, subversives. Who are the subversives? What is the subverse?

  • Shawna Bloomington

    David and Michael thank you for you’re patience and passion in putting this
    particular well awaited podcast (so near) together and for previous
    unslaved podcasts,thanks! They really do improve each time,and on a
    personal level each one resonates more profoundly than the previous,because
    the insight,awareness and wisdom accumulates over time!
    Also that was a great point about how after one begins the journey on the
    path of alternative learning in all its formats,one then looks back on a
    song they love for example…with a clearer advanced outlook on said
    thing.! Its amazing,most of what you said I’m experiencing on a daily
    basis! Metamorphosis is empowering and beautiful!

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