Unslaved Warrior: The Art Of Living Consciously – David Whitehead Presentation FYM5 2017

In this presentation at the Free Your Mind Conference, I talk about personal empowerment, confronting fear, and how to build healthy self esteem. I share a some personal stories about suffering from anxiety and depression growing up and how martial arts and studying philosophy cured me of it. I discuss a unique perspective on martial art philosophy and various warrior traditions, and propose some solutions for personal success.


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  • gabe stone

    Just like the most effective martial arts combine the best of other martial arts to make the most effective balanced style you are taking the best of hermetic laws, philosophy, science etc…to make the perfect art of mind. Your talks have really progressed. The effects of the world or collective are caused by the internal mindstate of the individual. “Your mind is the sword, keep it sharp”

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