A Blockchain SOLUTION To Online Censorship Has Arrived And It’s Called POCKETNET!

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Free speech is under attack as more and more voices and opinions are silenced online in a massive censorship campaign that is showing no signs of slowing down! Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have been some of the worst offenders while others like PayPal and Apple are also joining the censorship brigade! But isn’t there an alternative? Isn’t there a blockchain based solution that can end censorship once and for all? Allow me to introduce you to Pocketnet, a fully decentralized publishing and social media platform that is built on blockchain technology! In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth interviews Daniel Satchkov creator of Pocketnet about this new and exciting platform, how it was designed to stop online censorship and what the future of free speech will look like in a blockchain based world.

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About The Author


  • BrownEyed Girl

    Using cash is always the best option. Not your credit cards or debit cards or digital cash, that’s just playing right into the NWO hands. I’m beginning to think Dan is a Globalists shill?

  • Marcelo Araujo

    Voltaire magnificently stated that which may very well represent the cornerstone principle of any truly democratic and pluralistic political and social system:

    I Disapprove of What You Say, But I Will Defend to the Death Your Right to Say It

    A pity this so often is not the case.

  • Heiner Ali

    Boy…you GEEKS just don’t get it do you. The INTERNET is NOT your game…it is THEIRS.
    I guarentee you’ll NEVER achive freedom or liberty in with a digital dildo up your reality !

  • David Byers

    Thank You Dan & Daniel… Wow, what a ‘great team’ you’re assembling!…. ‘Great Telepathy’,…Synchronicity & Teamwork…….As I’ve stated before: “Beloved Mother Earth’ doesn’t like ‘secrets’…She, along with ‘our’ Free Will, conspires to reveal the ‘truth’,..by helping ‘humanity’ connect-the-dots.” Thank You

  • kyrie26

    Tried to install Pocketnet but Windows Defender says “Windows Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk.”. Anyone know about this? Is this a false positive?

  • Christopher

    There us no such thing as security on the intenet and that includes all social media programs/applications.

    Any server can be shut down. The internet is a government dynamic which is being monitored and controlled by the government.

  • Hedoth Rimtech

    having looked over your videos I found you to be nothing more than a homophobe, you place the lgb-t flag over videos about peados and hate you mentioned that drag boy gay men putting money in his pants, which was a lie! drag acts in the USA get money tossed at them and to even touch a dragqueen is a big NO NO, you look like a peado and I suspect you are and trying to hide your true agender. If you would like to take a moment to look over youtube and all the little girls dancing for straight men then say something you ugly bearded mamal, Kane west daughter recently in a sexualised dress and full makeup?? Nothing to say about that huh? the hordes of men around her and you have nothing to say? Why have you put “hate” and “gays2 in your search results?

  • Nelson E. Alvarez

    This is fantastic news, sounds like a great new platform! I’m gonna be signing up! Freedom
    Of Speech! Very true, freedom is for fighters!

  • ajones990

    already signed up and rocking and rolling with it. have to play around a little, but was really, really happy with getting help with my account. thank god, thank god for pocketnet!!!!!

  • Mynor Portillo

    I like this.

    Oh man. Thanks for bringing this to the table.

    I don’t know if you’re open, and I found that Skycoin is building a decentralized internist that is censorship resistant that has created its own algorithm which allows free transactions and the big thing is you can distribute WiFi almost for free P2P.

    I agree to a lot of this and I believe you would be a great resource to share more info on this.

    Thank you for this video.

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