Baby Boomers Are In TROUBLE As CRASH Approaches! – Pensions Are NOT Safe!

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the coming crash and how it affects baby boomers especially.
Baby boomers spend more into the economy than any other category and also unfortunately hold a lot of debt. On top of that are the countless dangers that face pensions across the board. The pension shortfall going forward is massive and many baby boomers will not get their pensions and have already lost much of it. Also, many baby boomers have not prepared for their own futures all while many others are caring for their kids and grandchildren via student loans.
As this problem worsens and we see the everything bubble come closer to popping worldwide, individuals needs to start standing up and protecting themselves. Individuals need to start protecting their purchasing power and saving for their futures outside of the banks or government. People need to be self sustainable and financially responsible.
If you don’t understand money, you are not going to do well down the road.
In this video John breaks down the many reasons baby boomers need to watch out for what’s ahead and what they can do to ensure that they’ve insured their wealth and protected their wallets.

Stay tuned as we continue to cover this issue closely!

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • hal0bend

    Why does no one ever mention us? Gen X. Fucking ridiculous. We are or will be soon the managers of these entitled millennials. We have pull.

  • Santa Clause

    Haven’t watched the video because I know you can’t grow your food or power your own electronics.
    Gold ? Huy guys open
    Ing the gold mines? Canada loaded. What the fuck are you talking about digital, everyone in the world knows if it’s digital it an nt secure. Crypto yet no mentioning casinos.
    Dudes you lose.

    The only way you all can be awesome is by telling the truth

  • G. Confalonieri

    When a society spends and take credit as if there is no tomorrow, is because they do not believe in their money any more. They get rid of the notes asap in exchange of sth of real value. Argentine here, 4 currency crashes so far in my early 36 birthday.

  • H ourglass

    Unsubscribing, these guys are nothing but FEAR MONGERS CONSTANTLY. Nothing has happened that they are SURE is going to happen. Ridiculous

  • L. K.

    “…helping people to make their decisions…” only the human mind makes things complicated… the truth is, you have to do nothing and the mind will clear, fear is leaving – then you see your true self. And then you are able to recognize if your situation requires a decision or not. but more and more information doesn t help people, it never has. even if it´s under the explanation that people have to recognize the fucked up system. gathering information is habit of the old consciousness, combined with a lot of stress, struggling and so on. but there is a way to go graceful through life.

  • Jean Phillippes

    Plenty of Baby Boomers in Europe that have lead hap-hazard lives, now on Welfare pensions are doing surprisingly well compared to those that have saved and invested. This is why so many older people on the verge of retiring are now willing to let the rest of Society carry the can. If Socialist governments have a large number of older “clients” on their books it is easier for them to stay in power.

  • Krod7435

    Millenials is such a fake group of people along with boomers as well. Most of them expect life to be given free shit for them. I will always disrespect people that want handouts because no lazy piece of shit deserves my money by pointing guns at me. Fuck boomers and millenials. Bunch of psychopaths and douchebags.

  • uncle leo

    CORPORATIONS KILLED EVERYTHING. You are part of so many corporations & don’t even know it. Laws=persons=corporation !!

  • uncle leo

    RESIDENT ? = a fiction, artificial person, corporation, [a place where a corporation does BUSINESS] = YOUR HOUSE? All RESIDENTS have to participate in the census? In Canada ? = which one? The land mass? The corporation? Did the census have your name on it?
    Can the address fill it out? Can the address open the envelope? Fill it out & become the PLACE WHERE A CORPORATION DOES BUSINESS?
    The Myth is Canada = check it out.

  • uncle leo

    science is a lie. History is a lie. Population ? can you prove it? English is a lie. two too to 2 . Is geography a lie? lolololol How do you know?
    Have to go to THEIR schools? Stock market is a lie. Your reality is not what you think. OK shills, go nuts.

  • joshgngrch

    Hey dude, I like a lot of your work. What I don’t like, is you claiming that liberals “want free stuff”. Nobody thinks gov programs incentivising small business comes at no cost. At present, big companies get lots “free” while the poor have to deal with the general rules of capitalism. It’s called social programs for the rich, capitalism for the poor. Very few are asking for a socialism. If you are aware, when we had actual regulation and decent small business incentives at the end of the great depression, we entered America’s Golden Age. That was because the rich were still allowed to be rich, but they were deincentivized from hoarding money and running businesses overseas, they were penalized for doing shady work, not incentivized like present day. I completely agree with the idea of a free market, but with some regulations. Right now we are very far from a free-market. Our market is nearly an oligopoly, it’s sick, and you are very influential so I hope that you can wake up to the fact that social programs don’t mean a socialist country.

  • joshgngrch

    A lot of you guys are only blaming government for our problems. What happened to your “free market” politicians whom you supported, privatizing sectors of public sector? Wasn’t that supposed to save America since the ’70s? What happened? What happened, is big business is a big part of it. Please don’t ignore this, it should be a major determining factor for who we vote for.

  • Liberty Smith

    *Here are some Solutions to Government!*
    01. Reduce the Size of Government by 10% a year for the Next 20 Years
    02. End all of the Warmongering around the world
    03. Close 800 Foreign Military Bases
    04. End All the “Aid” to Foreign Countries
    05. Get out of NATO and all Global Political Associations
    06. End all Tariffs and Sanctions
    07. Eliminate the “Tax Code” and Tax everyone and every company at 10% (Amounts above 50k) until the National Debt is Paid in Full then cut the rate to 5% (No Exemptions, No Subsidies)
    08. The FED shall be Abolished and the USA will go back on the Gold Standard
    09. Set a term limit of 2 terms in Congress without all of the “Benefits”
    10. Eliminate All the “Bonuses” in Government Employment/Service
    11. Sell Amtrak or Close it
    12. The US Post Office shall NOT receive any more Government Funding or Government Rules/Regulations
    13. All Federal Laws and Regulations shall be made by Congress (No Government Agency shall make Regulations or Laws)
    14. The Federal Government shall NOT provide Funds to any State (the States shall remain sovereign and Independent without Federal Pressure)
    15. A Federal Criminal LAW shall be enacted with a Mandatory Minimum for the Government Violating a Citizens Civil Rights… 5 Years in Prison and 5M Fine for each rights violation/stacked charge plus all attorney fees and expenses. (This shall apply to all Government)

    *I am sure there should be more but this should take care of the vast majority of Federal, State, and Local Government Abuses!*

    *5000 years ago, Moses said, “Pack up you camel, pick up your shovel, mount*
    *your ass, and I will lead you to the promised land.”*
    *5000 years later, F. D. Roosevelt said, ” Lay down your shovel, sit on your*
    *ass and light up a camel, this is the Promised Land.”*
    *Today, the Rulers in Government will tax your shovel, steal your camel, kick your ass, put you in a Cage*
    *and tell you that the Promised Land is More Government and More Socialism.*

  • Crypto Daddy

    I am a late baby boomer and NEVER trusted the government for my soon to come retirement. I will be working until the day I die, and if the government wants to give me money I’ll take it while I laugh all the way to the bank, HOWEVER I RELY ON MYSELF. Some people my age and somewhat older think differently and I shake my head in disgust at their blind faith in a failing system.
    SUBSCRIBED… THUMBS UP… and as always, I love your commentary.

  • Compoundinterest stockguy!

    The thing that confuses me is there used to be $1000 bill, know theres only $100 bills. But everything is 10x more expensive than back when there was $1000 bills. But they say its cause there was to much $ laundering or something with the $1000. But its a bit hypocritical when you think of all the $ laundered into canada from asia too inflate the price of real estate. Makes no sense its ludacrous too put your finger on it.

  • Marshall Cowell

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