Can This Finally End It?

In this video, we go discuss an upcoming documentary that could change the world.

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  • Buprestidae 2017

    It’s the end for me! Finally unsubscribing to your shitty reporting!!!!! Click & Hits for your toot toot (blow). Move to Hollywood if that’s what really matters to you.

  • Ken Templeton

    Thanks you guys i appreciate the hard work you put in these informative videos. Im not sure how to play my part in this big shift of consciousness but just showing much love for the love you give us.

  • D N

    Ron Paul… Liberty Report… could have been the greatest youtube show ever… if he had made it FREE right from the jump… He requested a payed subscribtion and he dropped off the planet.. he then after 2 years made if FREE to view… and Ron Paul became relevant again. Dont make this mistake.

  • Lisa Warren

    Someone awesome friend who has a platform kept getting in fb jail, so she went to vk, it’s a no censor place. I like it. She does her live videos m-f.

  • co zy3

    Lol the first caller … a crank talking about a war on white people a day after a white guy shot up a mosque… what a fucking cottage cheese brained imbecile

  • co zy3

    Luke don’t be dismayed into doing knee jerk things . I personally am liking the edited content so keep doing the streams and cutting them up into short dummy segments for people to digest. I love jimmy dore but he is pay walled as fuck

  • Daniel Clark

    i like how you spent over 15 talking about having an open dialogue with the tough questions, then hang up on the first caller and refuse to have a dialogue when they bring up an issue thats a pretty big deal in south africa. keep stroking your egos, hypocrites.

  • Pete Zurkowski

    I would like to add, I like your videos when they are to the point, I cant take the time to spend on such a long video, so you want to get more people on topic, keep it short, 10, 15, maybe 20 mins, my ADD cant take it. Oh by the way I did not watch this video, so if you can make the point, that would be great.

  • Thank You

    I’d give you my email to keep access to you guys, but i really don’t need anymore spam, so i’ll just follow your site if you get banned from you tube, hopefully you don’t also get banned from the internet, although no guarantee that my country won’t ban more sites, since they already do that now.

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