Fact Checking Jerome Powell – The Federal Reserve & The Coming CRASH!

Josh Sigurdson reports on a recent fact check of Jerome Powell following his interview on 60 Minutes.
Scott Pelley asked Powell, chair of the Federal Reserve multiple questions that we couldn’t help but laugh at as Powell constantly attempted to side step the obvious. That the Federal Reserve’s time in the sun is coming to an end and that the absurdity of Keynesian economics has been proven time and time again to fail every single time.
All fiat currencies eventually revert to their true value of zero. They always have and they always will going back to 1024AD in China. This time will be no different. They are desperate to prop up their failing system right now as they get to the end of their interest rate cycle and expect potentially negative interest rates and a recession.
Powell continuously claimed that he has no political beliefs and that he separates the Fed from politics all while Trump hints at potentially firing him and possibly even replacing him with Herman Cain!
Powell claims that the Fed has no responsibility over wealth inequality as it’s called. Weirdly, inflation is one of the most dramatic issues when it comes to ensuring that no matter how much wages are raised, the purchasing power of the currency diminishes at the same if not more of a rate.
Powell also claimed that there’s no reason the greatest expansion of the US economy in history cannot continue, possibly for years. Interestingly Ben Bernanke said something quite similar before the crash in 2008.
The whole system has been propped up and prolonged which makes it even worse when it inevitably comes down. The sooner the better!

Many other fact checks are made in this video besides the above.

We will continue as always to follow what the Fed is doing. Stay tuned for more from WAM!

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Josh Sigurdson

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  • Not Gunna Do It

    It’s getting stressful knowing what’s ahead and watching the “share buy back stock market” going up and up. Several bank employed analysts have said on CNBC they are only selling into rallies and no buying. The talking heads just ignore the facts and pump this bullshit false narritive. I already feel sorrow for the folks who are ignorant and will lose everything. What’s coming is going to be really shitty to say the least. Why don’t we have another Ron Paul just tellling the truth? How can our politicians be so stupid? I’m thinking of moving to the great north woods to a small log cabin with a stone fireplace and plenty of hunting and fishing. The idea of leaving this all behind is settling in with me more and more everyday. Just so sad.

  • Krod7435

    Isn’t half of America’s population working and the other half is on Welfare? I don’t think this economy is getting better.

  • World Alternative Media

    40 minutes this video has been published and less than 0.3% of our viewers have seen it. Thanks YouTube…
    ~ Josh

  • jack phillips

    Dear President Trump. When are you going to address the real reason why the jobs are not coming back to America? The jobs left because the FED over inflated the American economy. You have only worsened the asset inflation, the cost of living is soaring. The stock market just keeps going up. 70,000 factories and 30,000,000 jobs are not coming back until our government addresses why those job left, too much inflation.  GM leaving America for Mexico and China is a slap in the face to you Mr. Trump and America.

  • Tpro 1115

    Hey Josh this is the Q guy with the CAPITAL LETTERS from last night you may notice I am using small case letters now as I have my glasses on so i must seem so much more mentally stable for your touchy sensitivity to typing and I didn’t know you were an eye doctor but thank you for telling me how the size difference between capital and small case letters is so neglegable that it makes no difference to those of us who wear reading glasses after you said that I was miraculously cured and able to read even the finest print ! … I really enjoy your show but man what’s with all you millenials and this incredibly childish thing that you all have like a bunch of 13 yr old girls from Facebook when it comes to people’s grammar and choice of small case or capital letters ? WHO FUCKING CARES ? Is it an Anarchist thing to make sure you have perfect spelling and grammar ? Have a rewind and watch your show from last night you looked pretty fuckin stupid goin off like a teenage girl about capital letters HOLY FUCK MAN !!!!
    And to explain the Q thing to your dumb ass …it has woken up millions of people in just over a year far more than you and all you youtube buddies have in all your years ! What the hell does it matter how people are woken up ? Is there a Josh and Wam approved method ? The information that is being dropped by Q is is mind boggling brilliant and very real ! It’s becoming quite funny listening to people like you who obviously don’t have a clue what you are talking about when it comes to the Q drops Your ignorance and niavete are glaringly embarrassing to watch I realise that Q isn’t Titus Frost approved for you tubers consumption but no one else is doing much ! “What’s with those Q people” you actually said that dude ! Kind of like someone saying “what’s with those anarchist people” Your show is good SHAME ABOUT THE 13 YR OLD MILLENIAL FACEBOOK GIRL PROBLEM THOUGH !!!!

  • Syndicat

    Inflation doesn’t hurt the poor, it hurts the rich. When interest rates are low, the value of bonds are high and who holds the overwhelming majority of bonds? Inflation erodes the value of loans made by creditors. Which class of people are creditors and which class of people are debtors? Inflation hurts savers, but who holds the overwhelming majority of savings, rich people or poor people? In a financialized capitalist system low inflation and debt deflation hurts the poor and benefits the rich.

  • redtroika

    POWELL talks about his term , that it’s the law. Where in the law does it state the fed must create 2% inflation?

    Canads has the Bank of Canada Act statute whereby it stipulates that the BOC must control and protect the external value of the Canadian dollar, but it conveniently ignores this law and allows the canadians dollar to devalue while Canadians sleep.

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