Rise Of The Zombie Mammoth! – NEW Technology Bringing Ancient History To Life?

Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent attempt to “wake up” ancient woolly mammoth cells in a high tech experiment in Japan.
Yuka was a female mammoth who lived around 28,000 years ago in Siberia, discovered frozen in ice 9 years ago.
The mammoth was well preserved and a great candidate for experiments and research as it has been for many years since its discovery. The animal now rests in Japan.
The team which has been publishing their findings in a scientific reports has recovered cell nuclei from the mammoth and are attempting to build towards some day resurrecting mammoths, an animal that largely went extinct at the end of the Younger Dryas Period.
Many mammoths of the time were flash frozen in ice creating great mystery regarding the massive ancient cataclysm that could have wiped them out alongside countless other animals including the giant sloth, North American Camel and North American Lion alongside the Clovis People.
Many mammoths still had preserved food in their stomachs. That’s how fast they were frozen. It has brought about great mystery among the scientific community for years with an intense back and forth between mainstream academics and alternative theories regarding lost ancient civilization. Even Atlantis!
While scientists claim Yuka hasn’t allowed them to clone mammoths YET, that it is a very real possibility down the line. Let’s not forget governments may have already achieved this and we simply aren’t yet aware of it, but that’s a story for another day.
As the report says,
“The team collected 88 nucleus-like structures from the creature and then placed them into mouse oocytes…”
The full activation of nuclei did not occur, but the experiment was a great start!

Interestingly, in context with where Yuka was found, there are many theories about ancient Siberia and how parts of Siberia may have at one time seen very warm weather. Some of this goes back to the crustal displacement theory that one can incorporate Antarctica’s ancient tropical coast to, but it’s highly debatable. One thing we know for sure is that we do not know the truth about our history and we’ve been heavily mislead for centuries. There is great evidence of lost ancient civilizations and lost ancient technology as well as past species of humanoids that roamed the Earth that are just starting to be discovered and can link both sides of the Earth together. What an incredible time to be alive!

Stay tuned as we continue to follow this issue as we go explore the Richat Structure in Mauritania in the coming months to find out if there’s any truth to the very real possibility that it was the site of Atlantis itself as Plato and Solon so incredibly described.

We will continue to cover this subject as we have.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson

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  • QuadQ

    Nice title & content. Showing in my youtube feed nicely.
    Have my tickets to see Graham Hancock talk here in Liverpool, UK next week, muchly anticipated.
    I can assure you some of your subs will not like this at all. I fully understand but my early 20’s kids dismiss as complete nonsense, LOL – Imagine what frozen beings are being discovered under Antarctic ice? I suspect not just flash frozen Mammoths. Could that be why all the world’s major religious & political leaders payed a visit there with there in the last few years? nope – they still do not get it -oh well

  • Daniel Rose

    We know the crust has NOT gone walk about since the building of the pyramids in Egypt, since the Great Pyramid is still very accurately aligned with true north. South America on the other hand shows signs of having been shifted a bit, which may suggest parts of South America may have shifted as perhaps a local event? In any event, no great movement there either. ??

  • Chris Ellertson

    So if you are researching the lost history are you hearing of the Mud Flood theory which is recent and suggests that our history was reset recently possibly 1799 to 1840. A complete reset of society is the suggestion and by the parasitic state we now live with government and the control grid. I think this is very good reason to understand our lack of grounding and feeling that something is not right. Rockefeller and J. P. Morgan are examples of children at the time of the possible cataclysm and were able to take advantage of the great loss of history. There were the orphan trains at this time as well. Many places through Europe and north America are exhibiting evidence of this mud flood covering the floors of structures and then they just built up from the level set by the mud. The evidence is huge and many photos showing construction when examined more closely shows that they are actually digging these structures out. In Canada we have our Parliament buildings and they look of gothic design as I was educated to call such a structure however the designer and the related photos exhibit what looks like to be the excavation of an existing structure. When I researched said architect he was linked to the Free Mason’s and an article that defines our lack of understanding of these characters designing our future from a stolen past basically stated he was the guy that went around to commonwealth countries digging out these existing buildings creating our new narrative and history. Some channels are as such; Static in the Attic, UAP, Phillip Druzhinin, Jon Levi. One more example if you like, research the Chicago exposition 1890s and they say they built all those Greco Roman style buildings just for the expo and then tore them down…..just look at it and the questions and doubts abound! I am an artist and have been and traveled Europe, I am a tradesman and artist so my skills of observation are acute but this can easily be understood by the average individual if they only take 5 min and ask questions. But we are already bereft and lost of our history and the trauma of this is apparent. I also feel we do not live in the year 2019 but the year 1019 and our history is extended to drive us away from understanding our true nature, past and well being. This all ties to what you are saying in this vid Josh but I wonder how much of what even Hancock is saying needs to be thought of as heavy theory as well. I question everything and then question it again!!! The controllers never want to lose control of the narrative to steer their control over us. Capital must protect itself at all costs!!!! Maybe they are slipping. Thanks Josh for all you do!!!

  • Chris Ellertson

    Check out newearth. You won’t believe your eyes. Or Life Kreationz is fantastic on the lost history subjects. Brien Foerster amazing and his work visiting these places is astounding.

  • Walter Dewald

    The age given of the mammoth seems to me totally off. Does anyone know a video or study, showing how it is possible that such old bodies can be so pristine.
    Some are even bleeding when unfreezing and fed to the dogs by Siberians

    Is this really possible or is the timeline given not correct, i.e. did mammoth live far closer to our time?

  • NWJordan - Architectural Designer

    Just wanted to let you know I watched this multiple times. A bit of Science, A bit sci fi, a bit of history, and so real it’s almost Tin hat worthy. Preach that truth brother.

  • Moira Egan

    Thanks Josh. That you’re interested in things mammoth prompts me to suggest that you visit YouTube channel by Stellium7. He examines a mountain in eastern Spain (same part of the world as Atlantis) that looks like an elephant, probably because it once was an elephant. Part 1 of his series, Unveiling a Titan, is titled Conclusive Proof Titans Existed. He does an amazing job at showing the ‘coincidences’ between what he sees and academic illustrations of the inner and outer anatomy of a modern-day elephant. Part 3 is now available and looks at the ear, remnants of which form a cave which has been explored by archaeologists and he shows footage of that. But he himself climbed into the eye of the elephant!

    That you’re interested in Atlantis suggests to me that you visit Mudfossil University. There, you’ll see Roger’s explanation of Atlantis – and the dragon he’s found in the Sahara. Yes, the dragon. I hope that the Japanese scientists don’t get any brilliant ideas about it.

  • Travis Sanders

    I can’t wait for your videos about the eye of Africa when you get done with your trip. When you’re there see what kind of Pottery you can find I hear there’s lots. And where did all their gold get swept away to? Which way was the water moving when it wiped hang out? From a meteor in the East or the West perhaps?

  • DarthShadie

    So I go from listening to Phillip deFranco talk about legalized prostitution. Now you’re talking about cloning cleavages! I see a trend lol :p

  • Arian Gorman

    This is close to humans walking on the moon, we could prevent future extinctions possibly. We need to know a lot more about the genome, DNA, etc. It’s a good thing probably

  • Arian Gorman

    A bit too much conspiracy stuff, about twice as much as is probably real, you are right onto some of them though

  • Dale Huiz

    Josh, I find all of your videos very informative.  I like the direction your heading in.  I do believe there is a big part of history that is not properly explained.  Brien Foerster has raised many good questions about our past that doesn’t add up.  I look forward to learning more about the Richat Structure.  Good luck and I hope your adventure goes well.

  • Dariusz Szumczyk

    Your regurgitation of “scientific facts” is reality boring. Obviously, those animals died much fewer years ago then what they are trying to tell us. All current methods of dating things are fundamentally flowed as they rely on PURE ASSUMPTIONS. Research for yourself. Did you ever ask the all knowing google why their google earth app is only capable of measuring distance from one place to another over FLAT SURFACE? Is it the same as over rounded surface? Why, after all those years in space, we can’t get such simple things right? Just wondering…QUESTION EVERYTHING!

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