Trump Says It Belongs To Israel!

This contested region is no longer contested according to Trump, it belongs to Israel.

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  • Lucas Tiffany

    This is very scary, I’m not religious but Armageddon is in the Golan heights, Trump son of Satan? scary thought!

  • Melody Kichen

    American soilders shouldn’t have to fight and die for the Zionist fake Jews.They are very evil,and liars.Read their Talmud. and you will find out how evil.They are in U.S.A.govermentand are allowed to have dual citizen ship.They are what is wrong with most of our government in U.S.A.

  • Dennis Richards

    Well time for all the countries of the world (accept america obviously) to sanction Israel. It’s been stated a thousand times at the UN that Israels claim to the Golan heights is not recognised under international law.

  • michiganoutlaw

    these psycho’s are all globalists, half if not more of our “leaders” have dual citizenship with Israel

  • litestreamer

    I’ve never understood why Trump is so pro-Israel, not withstanding J Kushner. We give them a huge amt of foreign aid, and the Mossad was involved in 9-11. It seems we are their puppet. Will the Golan Hts becoming another interventionist war? I’d love to see you do a show on the background on the Trump-Israel dynamic..

  • input365

    Trump just did to Syria what England did to Palestine when they gave Palestine to Israel. How can Trump and England give to Israel parts of countries that do not belong to them? And once again the world is accepting all of this atrocities by the US and Israel very quietly. And for info the collusion was not with Putin and with Israel for the benefit of Trump and his family! But that we will never hear

  • mo's Ahamhead

    This helps several agendas. Destabilise the middle East, especially Syria so that Israel can expand and become a Jew ethnostate superpower in region. Create millions of moslem refugees that are directed to invade Europe and cause ethnic conflict. Genocide and extermination of the Jews hated enemy white Christians. This is what they have had planned for centuries. America like Europe a puppet state of Israel.

  • low-QUALITY crypto

    Make Israel great again? The Jews control the banks (Rothschild), money rules the world, for now…. trump and every other president has been nothing but a shill for Israel/Jewish interests!

    Wars are good for the bond market, and the whole financial system is built and moved off the bond market

  • Cody Chismark

    President Donald J Trump: What can I do to get the MSM off by back?

    Israel: Recongnize the Golan Heights in Syria as Israel.

    “No collusion between Trump campaign and Russia, probe ends”

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