Why Are They Banning This Everywhere?

We discuss the latest developments surrounding the large event that occurred recently.

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  • The wondering Englishman

    Why was the magazine on the floor in the hallway when he entered the mosque. The only reason it would be there would be from a previous dry run earlier.

  • Mike Cassidy

    Someone send me this video and I will post it everywhere on this planet. Fucking bastards are running now, aren’t they??

  • Mr McEvechkin

    CNN and other MSM propaganda machines cant really lie so much while the video is viral. Please delete from your device and memory so they can continue to program you.

  • Shaojin

    Most non Muslims almost always down play the truth when Muslims are the victim. Now if this was in reverse, there would be some angry people looking for Muslim people to attack and beat up.

    People here saying it’s hoax but no one can prove it was hoax. Lets be real there are plenty of people who hate anyone who is Muslim. The vicious cycle continues, this is just depressing.

  • Mike Ivsin

    Such ban goes a bit deeper. Sandy Hook shooting was a false flag operation that would be more difficult to bring to light with putting the source info into hidden territory.

  • Herr Hitler

    The more we panic, the more we are helping the Jew’s reaction phase. Why not act against the Jew instead? Win this informational/intellectual war across the whole WORLD WIDE WEB. We have the numbers, we just need to unite under an effective and safe discipline against the Jew. We have memes and many productively creative ways of doing this nowadays but be decisive. “Use and manipulate probability” with the help of all that decisive thinking on effectively scoring people to the side that the Jew’s don’t really want you to go to.

    Once we’re united and that the MASSES finally know(when the goyim are all finally awake globally through consistent and effective hardwork), expect true victory. To those who have jobs, manage your time. This may sound stupid but I’m just telling you that everyone must at least drop links like these all around to help rid off ignorance of the situation. Strongest wishes to you and I hope you will join the fight.

    exposingthelieofislam wordpress com
    kabbalahexposed com
    jewryexposedblog1 wordpress com

  • J White

    I watched the video, it makes no sense. There’s a shooting going on and a bunch of people are laying in a corner not trying to escape. Idk if it’s real but people’s reactions in crisis are to fight or flight. Everyone just lays there before they were shot. Its weird

  • Lor Kem

    10 years in prison for knowing possing the video! OMG even web services will be charged if they have the original video! Hey where is FREE SPEECH! Are they hiding something? Come on scrubbing the truth? This is worse than anything that happened in this country. We must fight for our Free Speech! Any ideas how?

  • skdb16

    I had the video and people kept asking to have a watch I deleted soon after. But I seen 17mins then cut I can’t see how the response time was 27 mins so he had 10 mins to drive to the second place and he was not acting like he was going to be that much in a rush. We have not heard about a second person. None of the travel information is on our news

  • bboy Freestyler

    Newzealand Ban GUNS Now 🆘 Now Giving People 15 YEARS in jail if u post That Killer video 🤔
    BUILD A WALL 🤣🤦😬😂😂😂

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