Why Barbra Streisand Absolutely Meant What She Said!

The recent comments made by Barbra Streisand were appalling to anyone normal, but they were just the norm for Hollywood!

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  • Chris Harrison

    Pedos are being normalized. It’s coming especially because of Islam and Talmudic laws being made the law of the world. They don’t care about what is done to kids…its sick.

  • Origins686720

    So are these guys supporting these lies!? What Barbra Streisand said says more about her and Hollywierd more than anything else, but what about Michael’s legacy here? Are these guys joining in!? Wow, revelation.

  • Ms Canadiana

    I beg to differ Luke. There is no evidence at all whatsoever in the documentary. Like Robson says.. its his truth.. not the truth. There was inconsistencies with Robsons story as well as his mothers and everyone already knows that Safechuck is only coming out as a victim after seeing Robson come out not to mention the fact that he is having $ troubles. Robson was 22 when he testified in support of MJ. Safechuck was never even asked to testify because he was a non entity when it came to the case. All charges against MJ were never founded and he was found NOT GUILTY IN THE COURT OF LAW on over 10 charges. Those charges were proven to be lies made up by the boy Gavins mother.. who has a criminal history. The first allegations ever made against MJ were made by Chandlers dad and the boy even said that it never happened and that his father told him to lie. MJ has never been found guilty of any crimes against children nor has he ever been convicted in the court of law. These men both waited until he was dead to make this up because MJ no longer was around to defend himself. Both men have had their cases against MJ Estate dismissed at least 2x. Not to mention the fact that Brandy Jackson dated Robson from 12-19 and she said that he was lying. Robson cheated on MJs niece Brandy Jackson with Britney Spears who was with Justin Timberlake at the time. I believe a lot of the dance moves that Robson used were infact MJs and thats another reason why his career fell apart because he had no MJ to coast off of. MJ has done too much good for the children of the world to ever be what these liars claim. I watched the so called doc and it was a joke. No evidence anywhere. Mac, Diana Ross, Friends of MJ continue to stand up for MJ. These 2 should be ashamed of themselves for putting MJs family through all of this. The truth will come out and its def not going to be that MJ hurt anyone because he never did. He was different because he wasnt like any of us. Just because you dont understand him or his struggles does not mean that he is a predator. He has been a victim of MSM and Tommy Mattola & the Elite. He is magnificent.. A true legend and no matter what anyone says he will always be an amazing person and entertainer. Please listen to the interviews that Brandy Jackson did recently.. funny how she was never interviewed for this so called doc. Also check out the FBI vault for MJ docs. Speaking of FBI they investigated him for 10 years and FOUND NOTHING! Listen to the interviews that people close to MJ have done recently and with all the facts if you still believe these 2 liars.. I will be utterly shocked and mostly disappointed. MJ IS INNOCENT! Check out MJ is innocent website.

  • Felix Furball

    What the fuck else would you expect from a degenerate Jew. These are the fuckers behind communism, Marxism, Cultural Marxism Progressivism, historical revisionism. The Jew is THE problem. The only people protected from ANY form of criticism by law?…the Jew.

  • James Stewart

    Yeah, I think you’re wrong. Jackson had his day in court and being dead now allows him no rebuttal. Yet he was too popular and famous and powerful people didn’t like the message he was sending. Anti War, Anti Police State, Anti Fossil Fuels and Anti Zionist.

    So first they tried to smear him. That didn’t work. Then (as far as I can see) they murdered him, and there’s plenty of evidence to make that claim, little that he would have been so careless.

    Jackson could easily pay for anything he wanted and kept it quiet if he was a pedophile. Just as piles of other famous people have done.

    So I see this new movie (documentary) as a money grab, and speaking ill of the dead on issues that if alive, couldn’t even reach a court of law with double jeaporty.

    If it was found strange for Jackson to be having close ties to little children, then I put that on the parents for allowing it, and certainly on the kids who never told with so much publicity pushing the accusations, and especially their outright denials of it being the case in a court of law while Jackson was still alive.

  • Kimberly Viggers

    They hate that they are being called out for there sick deeds. Something that should’ve taken place long ago, but took this president to bring them down. I think everyone should boycott every advertisers products that appear on CNN , MSNBC, and fake news show on TV, we have the power to bring them down, all of us together.

  • Terry Blanton

    These stinking actresses/actors don’t freaking know what is real and normal. They pretend to be other ppl for so lokg that the imbeciles forgot who the hell they really are. This old, stinking broad actually thinks what she and other entertainers do are important to the world and therefore man made rules shouldn’t apply to their kind. The stinking bastards really, really regard themselves as gods and we peons as ppl they tolerate and allow to live in their world.

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